Study Abroad: Province Wise Quota of Canada Provincial Attestation Letter

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Study Abroad: Province Wise Quota of Canada Provincial Attestation Letter

In January 2024, Canada announced a cap on new international student applications for the next two years with the requirement of a PAL (Provincial Attestation Letter). The federal cap is set at 360000 approved study permits this year which is a drop of 35% from 2023. Check the post to know the list of province-wise annual allocations for study permits in 2024 for some of the provinces.


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British Columbia

For 2024, BC has been allocated an 83000 undergraduate study permit applications quota for 2024, as compared to roughly 97000 applications for undergraduate programs in 2023. Based on recent acceptance rates the federal government anticipates roughly 50000 international students approval in 2024 when compared to 60000 in 2023. 


Alberta has started using PALs on March 1, 2024. Although the study permit approval allocation has not been made public. Alberta currently has a province-wide allocation of 41000 PALs.


This province has received 12000 PALs to distribute to potential overseas students in 2024. Students must apply to their choice of institution and obtain a letter of acceptance. The Government of Saskatchewan will then issue a PAL via an automated method notifying students when the PAL is available.


This province began its PAL system on 4th March but the allocated number for PALs has not yet been made public. To learn more about the procedure of PAL students must contact their chosen DLI.


Ontario has been allocated 235000 PALs for 2024. The number of PALs is equal to the number of study permit applications but it does not guarantee that the IRCC will approve all the applications. 

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