Study Abroad: Permanent Residency Plan for Undocumented Migrants by Canada

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The federal cabinet in Canada is planning to meet this week to examine plans to create a road to citizenship for thousands of migrants living without a legal status. This will also include rejected asylum seekers allowing them to stay lawfully, The Globe and Mail reports. 


Many migrants are working and raising families in the country for decades without any legitimate documents but they face deportation because they overstayed or were refused the right to remain.

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Those candidates who have legally entered the country including temporary workers but are staying after their visas expired will be able to avoid deportation. Marc Miller the Immigration minister is formulating a strategy for cabinet debate before Parliament’s summer session in a few weeks. This is suggesting the candidates to offer a chance to apply for regularization and permanent residency to those living in Canada without legal status, including former international students whose study visas have expired.

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Syed Hussain the executive director of the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change stated that those who are already live and work here will not put further strain on housing. He further stated that regularising the status of migrants living here might result in billions of dollars being injected into the economy. 

A number of countries have announced their intentions to allow migrants without proper documentation to regularise their status. Canada is also anticipated to stress that migrants have been living in communities for some time and have not recently arrived.

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