Study Abroad: 30,000 Indian Students Eligible for France’s Short-Stay Schengen Visas – Application Details Inside!

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Study Abroad: 30,000 Indian Students Eligible for France's Short-Stay Schengen Visas – Application Details Inside!

India and France have strong bilateral ties. Both countries are attempting to replicate the same in education. The countries are taking major initiatives to make the tie stronger. France has introduced short-stay Schengen visas for Indian nationals

International students with a Master’s degree or higher can partake in the scheme. However, as per PM Modi and President Macron the teams are working double time to implement the decisions taken. France is a diverse country and is eager to share world-class educational opportunities. 

Study Abroad: 30,000 Indian Students Eligible for France's Short-Stay Schengen Visas – Application Details Inside!

Requirements for Applying for a Short-Stay Schengen Visa

The short-stay Schengen visa application process differs from one nation to the next. Usually, it begins at the French Embassy, Consulate, or a designated Visa Application Centre in your nation. Check the other details in the pointer given below:

  1. You must fill out the French visa application form and provide your enrolment documentation. The enrollment proof verifies that a French educational institution has accepted you.
  2. A certificate of no objection from your current educational institution must be submitted to the immigration authorities.
  3. One is required to provide the internship contract with any French employer in the supplemental paperwork.
  4. If you have already obtained a French visa, you must send a copy of those visas.
  5. Having health insurance is essential when visiting France. For France and the other Schengen nations, the minimum level of health insurance coverage begins at 30,000 Euros.
  6.  You need to show that you have accommodation abroad and that you have the finances to support yourself in France.

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