Study Aboard: South Korea Welcomes More International Students: Universities Recognised for Global Excellence

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Study Abroad: Seoul aiming to attract 1,000 international science and tech students by 2028

South Korea is witnessing a surge in international student enrollment, with figures reaching 182,000 in 2023 – a substantial increase compared to the previous year’s 167,000. This growth signifies the country’s rising popularity as a study abroad destination, offering diverse academic opportunities and cultural experiences.


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Study Aboard: South Korea Welcomes More International Students: Universities Recognised for Global Excellence

Strengthening Internationalization and Supporting Students

Recognising the importance of providing a high-quality educational experience for international students, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice have implemented a system to assess and recognise universities’ global competency. This year, 134 universities received recognition for their academic curriculum, exceeding the 2022 figure of 120. These universities demonstrate excellence in several areas, including:

  • Low illegal immigration rates
  • Globally-focused academic programs
  • Dedicated support systems for student life and career opportunities

Universities recognised for their language exchange programs also increased, demonstrating a commitment to cultural exchange and language learning. These programs boast high completion rates and strong infrastructure, fostering meaningful interactions between international and Korean students.

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Benefits for Recognised Universities and Students

Universities recognised for their global competency receive several benefits, including:

  • Relaxed visa screening standards for international students
  • Permission for students to work part-time without additional visas

These streamlined processes make studying in Korea more accessible and provide valuable work experience for international students. The benefits will be in effect from February 2024, welcoming students seeking enriching study abroad experiences.

Study Aboard: South Korea Welcomes More International Students: Universities Recognised for Global Excellence

Promoting Positive Change

For universities yet to be recognised, the focus remains on enhancing their internationalization efforts. The ministries will implement stricter visa screening standards for students enrolling in these universities, ensuring they meet language proficiency and financial capability requirements. Additionally, 20 universities have been temporarily restricted from issuing student visas. These institutions can access consulting sessions to improve their global competency and offer a better learning environment for international students.

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Looking Forward

The Ministry of Education plans to promote the recognised universities to international students through diplomatic offices and online platforms like StudyInKorea.go.kr and NRF.re.kr. This proactive approach aims to attract diverse talent while ensuring high-quality education and positive experiences for all international students in South Korea.

With its commitment to providing a welcoming and supportive environment, South Korea is poised to become an even more attractive destination for international students seeking academic excellence and cultural immersion. The increasing number of recognised universities and streamlined processes showcase the country’s dedication to fostering a vibrant and enriching international student community.

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