Study in US: University of Tennessee Offers Students Innovative Program to Empower Education

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Study in US: University of Tennessee Offers Students Innovative Program to Empower Education

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville is launching an innovative Vol Edge program. By incorporating this program, the university will ensure that the students will graduate career-ready. This program has been introduced in collaboration with the National Association of Colleges and Employers. 

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What is Vol Edge?

The Vol Edge program will be guided by the Volunteer Experience committee. The course will be a flexible menu of learning as well as several activities will be involved. These activities will help in the overall development of the student for life-career readiness preparation.

In order to complete this course, each student will have to engage in career preparation activities.


This program has four requirements that the student must fulfil.

  • Transformative experience
  • Intentional and ongoing reflection
  • Professional feedback
  • Self-paced learning

What Will This Program Offer?

Vol Edge will offer students a flexible array of learning and engagement activities. These are designed to foster well-being and purposeful life and career readiness preparation.

Moreover, this program will offer students opportunities centred on well-being, getting ready for a global workforce, leadership and teamwork. It will also provide opportunities for experiential learning like studying abroad and much more. 

Over the next three years, Vol Edge will roll out in stages. The final level becoming accessible in autumn 2027.

A recent survey conducted, it was shown that high-impact educational practices such as study abroad, internships and undergraduate research are transformative for students’ personal development, career readiness and overall success. 

Study in US: University of Tennessee Offers Students Innovative Program to Empower Education

Each undergraduate student, regardless of their background will get access to these transformative career-building experiences. 

With this programme, the University of Tennessee has promised all of its students that it will create one of the strongest and most talented job pipelines in the country, with graduates who are ready to enter a diverse world.

To end this, the University of Tennessee is expecting more students than ever before to its esteemed academic programmes. 

By developing a programme that is in line with its strategic goal, the university is enhancing the student experience, and altering how institutions see student success.

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