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singapore post study work visa

Singapore is one of the most travelled study-abroad destinations. A lot of students travel to the country attracted by the top universities the land parents, and the dynamic and beautiful culture.The life of students is vibrant in Singapore and so is the life of the employees in the country. A lot of international students choose to work in the country or set up their business post-completion of their education. To work in the country post their studies, students need to switch from a student visa to a post-study work visa. Through this blog, know all about the Singapore Post Study Work Visa 


Types of Singapore Post Study Work Visa

singapore post study work visa

Singapore post study work visas are of different types, following is a brief about all of them:

Short-term visit pass

It is a visa type that is granted to students who have recently graduated from Singapore and their student visa has expired. This visa allows the stay of up to 90 days in the country and provides the students with the time to look for jobs in the country. The visa does not allow employment acceptance while on this visa.

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Long-term social visit pass (LTVP)

The students who graduated from the University that is listed with the Institute of Higher Learning and are seeking employment in Singapore will have the option to apply for LTVP. It gives you one whole year to look for a job as well as work on it.

Apart from these two, there are three other types of work visas available for graduated students:

Employment pass 

It is for international students who have graduated and now work in managerial and specialized jobs. This visa has to be sponsored by their employer.

S Pass

This is also a common visa for international students who have completed their graduation in the country and are mid-skilled like technicians and specialists. This visa shall also be sponsored by the employer.


This is the visa granted to students who have graduated and now want to develop an idea or entrepreneurial skills by setting up a business in the country. You need to set up a private limited company registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority.

Details About Singapore Post Study Work Visa

The following are some specific details about each type of Singapore post study work visa:

Visa type Eligibility Duration of visa Renewability Sponsorship Dependents 
Short-term visit pass All graduates 90 days Non-renewable Not neededNot allowed
Long term visit passGraduates from institutions of higher learning1 yearNon-renewable Not neededNot allowed
Employment pass4,500 USD minimum salary2-3 yearsRenewable Needed Allowed but with a minimum salary of 6000 USD
S Pass2,400 USD minimum salary2 yearsRenewable Needed Allowed but with a minimum salary of 6000 USD
Entrepass Registered with ACRA1-2 yearsRenewable Not needed Allowed but with annual business spending of 100,000 USD

Requirements For The Singapore Post Study Work Visa

The following are the documents required for a Singapore Post Study Work Visa:

  • Copy and original certificate of education from IHL and other institute as required
  • Valid passport copy with 6 months validity
  • The copy of the student pass that was issued at the time of admission to the university
  • Passport-sized photograph clicked against the white unpolished or matt background, should be in accordance with the visa requirements and should not be older than 3 months.

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Application Fee For Singapore Post Study Work Visa

singapore post study work visa

The students need to pay 30 USD at the time of application and 60 USD as issuance fees after in-principal approval within 30 days of it, for LTVP Visa.

The fee for other type of visas are according to the given table:

Visa type Application feeIssuance or Renewal fee
S Pass55.81 USD74.41 USD
Employment pass78.14 USD167.43 USD
Work permit 26.05 USD26.05 USD

The Application Process For Singapore Post Study Work Visa

Following are the steps that need to be followed for the application procedure for the post-study work visa:

  • Submit the application online on the website or through post along with all the documents and fill in the correct information
  • Pay the application fee
  • Once the permit is issued pay the issuance fee or else the visa will get cancelled
  • Register your fingerprints and photo at the required centre for a work permit
  • Get the permit finalized and start searching for jobs so this temporary permit can be turned into a permanent residence permit

Why should you work in Singapore?

singapore post study work visa

There are several benefits of working in Singapore with a Singapore work visa:

  • The visa holder can study at world-class universities in Singapore with lower fees compared to foreigners with no work permit
  • Your family can travel and stay with you but with the applied guidelines
  • Comfortable lifestyle with immense opportunities for growth
  • Provision of best healthcare facilities


What is the processing time for the long-term visit pass?

The processing time for the short and long-term visit passes is one to two weeks. The processing time varies based on the ease of document verification and several other factors.

Is the application process easy for the post-study work visa? 

The application process is pretty easy for the post-study work visa. The application must be made on the correct website with the correct documents and information. If any problem with an online application is faced, you can contact an agent or visa application centre.

What is the cost for the LTVP visa application?

You need to pay 30 USD at the time of application and once the application receives principal approval the rest amount of 60 USD needs to be paid within 30 days as issuance fees. Issuance fees need to be paid in time to avoid cancellation of visa. 

The blog was a complete outline of the Singapore post study visa application. To read more such blogs or to get information about visas abroad, follow the Student Visa Archives. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu.

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