Study Abroad: Scholarships to Study Abroad Honored to 5 Case Western Reserve Students

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Study Abroad Scholarships to Study Abroad Honored to 5 Case Western Reserve Students
Scholarships for study abroad were awarded to 5 case western reserve students in order to help them with financial assistance.

Many students dream of pursuing their education abroad. But due to a lack of finances, students are not able to fulfil their dreams. This girl Yepez-Connors also had a dream of studying abroad, she also had extensive experience in the desired field of study but needed help with the funding. 


Yes! You are assuming right, you get scholarships to study abroad if you are facing problems with financing but you got to have desired skills! So, basically, this study-abroad office helps international students to fulfil their dreams of studying abroad. This girl mentioned that the study abroad office was ready and also helpful to help this fourth-year student with the best available scholarships. 

scholarships to study abroad

One of the top-notch scholarships from the US department of state is Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. This scholarship program offers students in need of financial assistance to study abroad. This scholarship helps International students to develop skills that will aid in economic prosperity and national security. 

The first student in Case Western Reserve Student was Yepez-Connors who was awarded with Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship for 2023. Moreover, Yepez-Connors – Connors was awarded with the earning part of $18,000 in scholarship funds. Furthermore, the director of the University’s Office of Education Abroad mentioned that they were pleased to see high-achieving and deserving students to be honoured this way.

To know more about honorees of the scholarship 2022-2023, check this out:

Additionally, Beechler Stebing confronted the dream of experiencing study abroad. But it is not always possible without proper financial support; but they are ready to support all the students. Those students who wish to study abroad or pursue their goals through international opportunities. 

Study Abroad Scholarships Honorees of the Year 2022 – 2023

Here are the five case western reserve students who have been awarded honoured scholarships to study abroad:

  • Fourth-year student, Yepez – Connors majoring in anthropology and religious studies.
  • A third-year nursing major, Olivia Nelson.
  • Fourth-year Japanese studies major, Junlong – Kwan.
  • A fourth-year student majoring in Biochemistry and pre-health, Jacqueline Ferrufino.
  • A third-year student majoring in International studies Kine Buie.

Moreover, scholarships to study abroad also provide expansion opportunities. Just like Yepez – Connors had an immense experience while studying abroad, she explored many new things including different cultures and traditions, and new places. Despite these experiences, she was also offered the best career and employment opportunities. As a Gilman alumna, she qualifies for non – competitive hiring at any federal job! 

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