Study in UK: 5 Loughborough University Undergraduate International Scholarships 

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Study in UK: 5 Loughborough University Undergraduate International Scholarships 

Loughborough University is offering several undergraduate international scholarships to students. The University aims to attract the brightest and best student regardless of their backgrounds with these scholarships. The scholarship benefit is a reduction in tuition fees. However, the amount and eligibility requirements depend on the scholarship type. Some of the scholarships require students to apply while others don’t. The Loughborough University ranks 212 in the world as per the QS World Rankings 2024. Hence, it is an excellent university to study in the UK. 

Top 5 Loughborough University Undergraduate International Scholarships 

Study in UK: 5 Loughborough University Undergraduate International Scholarships 

International Scholarships

The Loughborough University international students are available to all undergraduate students enrolling in the University. The scholarship benefit is a 25% reduction in the first-year tuition fees. The award is only available to students with outstanding academic achievement. That is, the students require  AAA from three A levels (or equivalent qualification). However, students enrolling in  Foundation programmes are not eligible.

The Hardship Fund (HF)  

Loughborough University Hardship support is available to international students with financial needs. However, the funding is not the main source of support. Students have to make a reasonable provision to pay the tuition fees and living expenses before enrolling in the Unievrsity. Hardship Support is given only if a student’s circumstances change after starting their classes. 

Women in Science Bursary

The Women in Science Bursary is available to women applicants who want to enrol at the University. Those who are considering 2024 entry to any of the undergraduate programmes in Chemistry. Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, or Natural Sciences are invited to apply. The bursary amount is around £1000 per annum). It will be paid each year for the programme ( excluding the industrial or professional placement year if taken) if the applicant meets the academic requirements.

Study in UK: 5 Loughborough University Undergraduate International Scholarships 

Music and Art Scholarships

The Music and Art Scholarships are available to students enrolling in any art form. For example, singers, writers, performers, dancers, filmmakers, photographers, and artists in any medium. Each scholarship package includes cash prizes and a package of support for a year. The support includes tuition fees, training, and mentoring. Additionally, opportunities to perform art or organise events are also given. 

Sports Scholarships 

The Loughborough University Sports Scholarship is available to student-athletes in the performance programme. The scholarship benefit is an amount of up to £5,000 per year. Additionally, students will receive a free e Loughborough Sports Gold membership that includes membership of Powerbase (gym), Campus parking permit, and free Athletic Union club membership. 

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