TOEFL Writing Topic: Children should be given a modest weekly allowance for doing household chores.

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Children should be given a modest weekly allowance for doing household chores.

Q- Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Children should be given a modest weekly allowance for doing household chores.

Ans: Household chores may appear trivial to some, yet they teach many important life lessons, like hard work and responsibility. Children who engage in such activities at an early age develop a sense of maturity and begin to see life from a new perspective. I strongly believe providing daily allowances to children can be an excellent approach for parents to instil the principles and importance of responsibility, accountability, and diligence in them.  


Engaging children in domestic chores can help parents instil the importance of hard work in their children. Children who participate in such activities at an early age will understand the value of hard effort and how difficult it is to earn money. This will not only help children develop as responsible citizens, but it will also teach them the importance of saving money. Children who are given an allowance for their hard work at a young age learn the importance of accountability and independence, which leads to them breaking free and acting responsibly of their own free will. In my case, my parents refused to give me allowances whenever I slacked while working or didn’t complete my chores. This ingrained the notion of holding accountability and delivering on my word from a young age

Furthermore, a modest weekly allowance for performing domestic or household chores reinforces the value of hard work as it teaches them that achievements are earned through diligence and perseverance. I can support this statement with a small example. During my childhood, I used to dislike doing household tasks since I thought them to be tedious and time-consuming. My mother, on the other hand, devised an innovative scheme to compel me to assist her with such chores by enticing me with incentives in the form of weekly allowances. This helped me stay motivated to complete housework to the point where I started looking forward to such tasks every week. The simple concept of earning pocket money for working hard makes monotonous tasks seem exhilarating and rewarding. 

To conclude, providing an incentive to children to work on daily chores can keep them motivated to work diligently, enabling them to acquire skills that will shape them into responsible and self-sufficient individuals. This, in turn, helps them understand the importance of money and the significance of saving.

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