15 April: IELTS Speaking Topic – Speaking Part 3: Influence of Television (Follow-up Questions)

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IELTS Speaking Topic - Speaking Part 3: Text Messages (Follow-up Questions)

Ans- Honestly, tv is extremely popular in my country. For example, in my family, we have a television in our living room and it’s a common routine for us to gather around in the evenings and watch our favorite shows together. I also have friends and colleagues who discuss popular TV shows and movies, and it’s a common past time and topic of conversation among people of different age groups.

Q.2. Tell me about the types of programme that are generally on television in your country.

Ans- Television in my country offers a wide variety of programs to cater to diverse interests. For instance, there are local and international dramas that are quite popular, and I personally enjoy watching crime dramas and historical dramas. News programs are also a staple, and I often tune in to stay updated on current events. Moreover, there are reality shows, talk shows, and game shows that are entertaining to watch, and I find them interesting to follow.

Q.3. Why do people like watching television?

Ans- Well, people enjoy watching television for different reasons. For example, after a long day at work, I find watching my favourite TV shows to be a great way to unwind and relax. I also appreciate that television offers a variety of educational programs and documentaries that allow me to learn about different cultures, history, and science topics. Additionally, watching television can be a social activity, as I often watch shows with my family and friends, and we discuss the episodes, which creates shared experiences and bonding.

Q.4. Do you think state or private television is better?

Ans- For me, both state and private television have their pros and cons. State television is usually funded by the government and may have stricter regulations on content and programming. It may prioritize providing unbiased news and educational content to the public. On the other hand, private television is funded by private companies and may have more commercial and profit-driven motives. It may offer a wider range of programs catering to different audiences and interests. Ultimately, the quality of television depends on the specific channels and programs offered, regardless of whether they are state or private.

Q.5. What effects can watching television have on children?

Ans- It can have both positive and negative effects on children. For instance, educational programs can be beneficial for children as they can learn about different subjects and develop their cognitive skills. As a child, I used to watch educational shows that taught me about animals, history, and geography, and it helped broaden my knowledge. However, excessive television viewing can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, as children may spend less time engaging in physical activities such as playing sports or outdoor games. Moreover, exposure to violent or inappropriate content can negatively impact a child’s behavior and attitudes, and it’s important for parents to monitor and regulate their children’s TV viewing habits to ensure they are watching age-appropriate content.

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