15+ Useful Phrases For Explaining and Clarifying Ideas in IELTS

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Phrases for Explaining and Clarifying Ideas in IELTS: IELTS Writing Task 2 demands students to create well-articulated, coherent, and understandable written responses, which can be a difficult challenge for many. In such circumstances, you might utilize common phrases to explain and clarify ideas in IELTS. 

Phrases can assist you offer consistency to your answer and bind it in a more comprehensible manner. That being said, read the complete blog to learn more about the most common phrases for explaining and clarifying ideas in IELTS. 

15+ Phrases for Explaining and Clarifying Ideas in IELTS Writing  

While writing essays in IELTS Writing Task 2, you will often be required to explain your arguments or clarify your ideas articulately and coherently. This is where idioms and phrases can help you. You can use these phrases and idioms to construct well-articled and coherent essays while explaining and clarifying your ideas appropriately. Look at the table below to list some of the most commonly used phrases and idioms for explaining/clarifying ideas in IELTS writing task 2. 

In other words,…Used to introduce a statement that repeats what has been said in a different and usually a simpler or more exact wayIn other words, consuming green tea regularly can result in weight loss. 
To put it another wayIt is also common to explain things by repeating what we have already said in a different waySome people enjoy being surrounded by people. To put it another way, not everyone prefers living in isolation or solitude. 
This can be explained by the fact thatWhen a situation or observation can be understood when looking at the reasons behind it.The traffic on the highway was heavy because of an accident. This can be explained by the fact that accidents cause delays and congestion. 
In essenceIt emphasizes the most important or central aspect of an idea, situation, or eventIn essence, I believe that the consumption of coffee regularly should be curbed by individuals.
That is to sayYou use that is to say or that’s to say to indicate that you are about to express the same idea more clearly or precisely.Many people are worried about the impact of automation on job security. That is to say, they are concerned that machines will replace human workers
To clarify my pointTo make it easier to understand, usually by explaining it in more detail.To clarify my point, I did not make any changes to the document. 
In other wordsUsed to introduce a statement that repeats what has been said in a different and usually simpler or more exact wayIn other words, there is no other way out for us. It needs to be done. 
To put it another wayIt is used to explain things by repeating what we have already said differently.The economy is slowing down, to put it in another way, the rate of economic growth is gradually decreasing. 
What I mean isTo show or have a meaning
What I mean is that the temperature is rising around the globe and we are doing nothing about it at all. 
More specifically…In a definite and exact way.I enjoy sports. More specifically, I enjoy watching sports.
It’s important to note that..Used to emphasize the importance of something in writingIt’s important to note that the widespread usage of social media apps across the globe has stunted the growth the youth of today. 
It’s worth mentioning thatSomething that is important enough to include in a discussion or explanationIt is worth mentioning that the project was completed ahead of schedule.
For example…For instanceBaking a cake, for example, is simple.
To illustrate this point…To show that what you are saying is true or to make your meaning clearerTo illustrate this point, he picked up a rock and lobbed it into the pit. 
Take the case of…You can use this expression when you want to give an example or to explain something by referring to a particular instance. Take the case of the minister and his secretary.  It’s a typical case of love gone awry. 
A good example of this is…An impressive or wonderful example of a particular quality.A good example of mediocrity being celebrated in the country is the widespread acknowledgment of the film ‘Animal’. 
This can be seen in…It can be perceived in This increase in violent crime can be seen across the country. 
Furthermore…In addition to what precedes
Furthermore, several studies have confirmed them.
Additionally…FurthermoreAdditionally, there was a risk of fire. 

Tips and Tricks to use Phrases For Explaining and Clarifying Ideas in IELTS

  1. Go beyond basic phrases like “I think” or “In my opinion.” Show a diverse vocabulary range by using a myriad of different phrases and idioms. 
  2. Keep your tonality different in IELTS speaking and writing tasks. While “I think” works in both, IELTS Writing benefits from formal options like “In my opinion” or “From my perspective.”
  3. State your opinion directly after the introductory phrase. 
  4.  Use examples, reasons, or evidence to explain and justify your stance. This shows critical thinking and strengthens your argument.
  5. Get comfortable expressing yourself in various ways through speaking and writing exercises. Try different phrases and see what feels natural.
  6.  Use transition words and phrases naturally to connect ideas, not force them.

Phrases For Explaining and Clarifying Ideas in IELTS: Sample Questions and Answers

Question: Identify the phrases for explaining and clarifying ideas in Ideas from the answer bank after going through the given passages. 

Topic: Describe the layout of your ideal house.

Answer: It is ____a____that the house would have a spacious living area on the ground floor, ideal for socializing and gatherings.  ____b___, ________c___ a dedicated study room for quiet work and concentration. (Adding details)

Answer Bank: 

  • Furthermore
  • Noteworthy
  •  It is worth mentioning

Answer Key

  1. Noteworthy
  2. Furthermore 
  3. It is worth mentioning 

Topic: Should governments prioritize investing in renewable energy sources over fossil fuels?

Answer:__a_____, it is undeniable that governments should prioritize renewable energy sources. _____b____, consider the negative environmental impact of fossil fuels, including greenhouse gas emissions. (Adding details) Conversely, one could argue that the transition to renewable energy requires significant investment. ___c_____ the long-term benefits for sustainability and the environment outweigh these initial costs. Ultimately, __d_______ that investing in renewable energy is a crucial step towards a healthier planet for future generations. (Concluding)

Answer Bank: 

  • It can be concluded 
  • In my opinion
  • Furthermore
  • To support this argument

Answer Key: 

  1. In my opinion 
  2. To support this argument
  3. Furthermore
  4. It can be concluded 

So that was all about the most common phrases for explaining and clarifying ideas in IELTS writing and speaking assessments. Hope the blog has answered your queries. 

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Q 1. What are the most common phrases for explaining and clarifying ideas in IELTS writing? 

Ans: ‘In other words, To put it another way, Thich can be explained by the fact, In essence,  and This is to say that’ are some of the most common phrases for explaining and clarifying ideas in IELTS writing. 

Q2. How to get 8.0 in IELTS Writing?

Ans: Test takers can use a range of linkers, adverbial phrases, references, and punctuations to bolster their overall scores in IELTS writing. 

Q3.What is the duration of the IELTS Writing Task 2? 

Ans: The IELTS Writing Task 2 requires individuals to complete the task within 40 minutes. 

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