Cost of Living and Top Reasons to Live in Thames, NZ

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The beautiful island country of New Zealand is a land of natural beauty, known for its relaxed way of life and natural beauty. Keep reading this blog if you are planning to move to this stunning country. Here, we will discuss some major reasons to live in New Zealand. Moreover, we will discuss the cost of living in its beautiful town, Thames. If you are planning to move to Thanes, then make sure you are aware of its living expenses. So, we will cover that as well in this article. 


With its stunning landscapes, ranging from snow-capped mountains to pristine beaches, the nation boasts a breathtaking beauty. However, it is not just the mesmerising sceneries that make New Zealand stand out, it is also its friendly people.

Cost of Living in Thames

Before jumping onto the reasons to live in New Zealand, let’s look at the average living expenses you can expect to bear in Thanes in the table shown below. 

Average Total Monthly Cost of Living for One Person With RentNZ$3,208.21
Average Price of a Meal at an Inexpensive RestaurantNZ$40.00
Average Monthly Price of Rent & Utilities for an Individual NZ$2,055.41
Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)NZ$1.60
Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff)NZ$1.70
Price of Milk (Regular), (1 Litre)NZ$2.92
Price of Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g)NZ$3.76
Price of Rice (White), (1kg)NZ$4.33
Monthly Salary After TaxNZ$5,065.77

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Average Tuition Costs in Thames

Now that you are aware of the cost of living in Thames, New Zealand, let’s look at the education expenses you can bear in the city. Here are the tuition fees you can expect to pay at a university in Thames: 

Average Annual Tuition Fees for Undergraduate CoursesNZ$7,301 to NZ$10,862
Average Annual Tuition Fees for Postgraduate CoursesNZ$12,999 to NZ$ 18,697
Average Annual Tuition Fees for PhD CoursesNZ$6,588 to NZ$9,081

Why Study in Thames?

Thames and the whole of New Zealand offer a high quality of life and a top-notch education system. Here are some of the major reasons why you should study in Thames: 

Post-Study Work Opportunities

After graduation, you can get a post-study work visa for up to 3 years, which enables you to work for any employer and possibly even receive residence.

Quality of life

Just like every other city in New Zealand, Thames emphasises the work-life balance. Here, you will get high standards of living along with a laid-back lifestyle. 

Work-Ready Graduates 

New Zealand’s teaching style and practical, hands-on method of learning offer graduates strong employability skills. This ensures that you come out of the university as a competent professional with high-in-demand skills. 

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Top Reasons to Live in New Zealand

New Zealand has very friendly people, a vibrant culture, an excellent healthcare system, and diverse cuisines. So, it’s not surprising that so many expats and students choose to move to this island nation.

We have listed below some of the top reasons to live in New Zealand: 

High Quality of Life

One of the biggest reasons to live in New Zealand is its high quality of life. The country offers high standards of living to its residents and internationals. Moreover, it emphasises work-life balance, ensuring the mental well-being of the people. With its excellent education system, healthcare system, and welcoming residents, New Zealand is surely an ideal place to live. 

Extensive Job Opportunities

New Zealand offers a plethora of job opportunities to employment seekers in a diverse range of fields. Some of the most high-in-demand skills in the country are engineering, finance, trades, health, and education. The average annual salary in New Zealand is NZ$97,300, which allows individuals to have a high standard of living. This is one of the best reasons to live in New Zealand for anyone seeking a secured career. 

Beautiful Scenery 

There is a reason why so many movies with stunning scenery were filmed in New Zealand. The mesmerising scenery of this island country is enough to hypnotise anyone. Movies like The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and The Hobbit Trilogy were all filmed against the outstandingly beautiful backdrops offered by New Zealand. While living here, you get to experience the nation’s breathtaking natural beauty, from mountains to lakes and even glaciers. This is one of the top reasons to live in New Zealand, especially if you are a nature lover. 

Incredibly Safe

Another one of the major reasons to live in New Zealand is its safety. It was ranked second on the 2023 Global Peace Index, boasting low rates of crime and high religious tolerance. This ensures a perfect living environment for the residents and internationals. New Zealand is among the least corrupt places in the world and it has a zero-tolerance policy for guns. 

Extremely Laid-Back

New Zealand has a very laid-back environment. Among the top reasons to live in New Zealand is its relaxed lifestyle which is embraced by Kiwis. You get to have a healthy work-life balance that offers you plenty of time to relax and be in tune with nature. Moreover, the country has less traffic and stress, ensuring a peaceful environment for everyone. 

Free Healthcare

Free healthcare is another one of the main reasons to live in New Zealand. Unlike many countries across the globe, permanent residents in New Zealand get the same rights as citizens, such as the right to vote, to public education, to travel freely, and to free healthcare. The free healthcare offered in the country ensures your physical well-being while being merciful to your pocket. 

Progressive society

New Zealand is ahead of the cure in numerous ways, leading the way in politics, education, health, and the environment. Its world firsts include giving women the vote, climbing Mount Everest, the 8-hour workday, the first bungee jump, the first transgender MP, and having the first Prime Minister to take maternity leave. The country is now aiming to become the first one to be 100% powered by renewable energy. This progressive attitude is one of the main reasons to live in New Zealand. 

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Why would people live in New Zealand?

New Zealand attracts a lot of expats due to its high quality of life, safety, laid-back environment, job opportunities, and more. 

What is the most paid job in NZ?

Some of the highest-paid job profiles in New Zealand are CEOs, surgeons, CFOs, and judges. 

Which city in New Zealand has more job opportunities?

Auckland is known as a premier location for job seekers in New Zealand, providing a broad range of opportunities.

How is life in New Zealand?

Life in New Zealand is known for being very relaxed and quiet. The country emphasises work-life balance, ensuring that you get enough personal time for yourself and your family. 

So, this was all about the best reasons to live in New Zealand. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad

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