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QALAA Scholarship

Qalaa Holdings provides funding for the Qalaa Scholarship Foundation, which is one of the best academic scholarships for deserving young Egyptian men and women candidates to complete master’s degrees overseas in any field of study.

After their training is through, applicants must be prepared to work in Egypt for at least two more years. Participation in civic, public, or international issues (via NGOs or volunteer work, for example) will be advantageous.  This blog shares an ultimate guide to Qalaa Scholarship. Continue reading to know more!

Level of Study  Master’s 
Funded by   Qalaa Holding Scholarship Funds 
Study in  Overseas countries 
Amount Provided Qalaa Holding Scholarship Funds provides endowment to students under 2 scholarships – 1) Fully funded scholarship covering tuition fees and living expenses and 2) partially funded scholarship which covers tuition fees only. (The limit for tuition fees is 50,000 USD p.a) (INR 41,40,000) 
Language Required Candidate must be proficient in the language of study and also in English.
Period of Accepting Scholarship Applications January 15 to April 15 every year 
Eligible Nationality of Students  Egyptian Men and Women 

About Qalaa Scholarship 

Established in 2007 The Qalaa Holdings Scholarship Foundation was created in order to foster national development by developing professionals who are capable of boosting the growth of Egypt in numerous sectors. The Qalaa Holdings fund this scholarship to promising young Egyptian men and women candidates who have dreams of completing their master degrees abroad.

As of right now, QHSF is Egypt’s largest privately sponsored scholarship programme. Since 2007, QHSF has offered the opportunity for 15-20 of Egypt’s brightest students to complete post-graduation from reputed U.S. and European universities, despite political and economic obstacles, with the requirement that they will return to work in Egypt once their studies are complete.

Qalaa Scholarship Award Details 

The Qalaa Scholarship offers two funding options: a full scholarship that covers both education and living costs, and a partial scholarship that covers tuition.

The maximum limit for tuition fees is $50,000 USD. (INR 41,40,000)

Qalaa Scholarship Schedule 

The students can download the application form once the official notification is out for Qalaa Scholarship. Every year from January 15 to April 15 Qalaa Scholarship Funds invites applications for students who wish to apply for Qalaa Scholarships. Applicants are advised to apply as early as possible to avoid any lapses at the last moment. 

Date  Event 
January 15th  Application form is available to download. Applicants can begin submitting their application. 
April 15th  Deadline for submitting applications. 
May  Shorlisting of suitable candidates is completed. The semi-finalist candidates are called for personal interview. 
June  Scholarships winners are announced. 
July-August  Placement and departure of scholars. 

Eligibility Criteria 

Following are the eligibility criteria for Qalaa Scholarship- 

  1. The candidate must be under the age of 35. 
  2. The candidate must be an Egyptian National and a resident of Egypt. 
  3. The status of military service must be made explicit (for males).
  4. Not receive any other partial scholarships or grants (with the exception of waivers from the university of choice itself).
  5. Must have genuine financial need.
  6. The candidate should possess a strong command of the study language. English language proficiency is a must.
  7. Have a letter of acceptance from the university and programme of their choice.
  8. Be prepared to continue your studies overseas in your chosen field at a prestigious university.
  9. Have a minimum of two years of work experience post-graduation.

Application Process 

The form can be downloaded when applications are accepted, which is from January 15 to April 15 of every year. In order to receive their acceptance letters before the QHSF deadline, candidates are advised to apply to universities as early as possible (for the upcoming fall semester), as an acceptance letter as per the university choice of the candidate should be included within the QHSF application package. Candidates only need to fill out our application form, acquire the necessary documentation, and return it all to QHSF by the deadline listed in the QHSF timetable after receiving the acceptance letter.

Documents Required 

The candidates applying for Qalaa Scholarship should submit the following documents by regular post to – Qalaa Holding Scholarships Foundation, PO Box 29, Postal Code – 11516, Cairo, Egypt.

By Fedex candidates can send their application to Qalaa Holdings Scholarship Foundation Hold at Fedex Mohandessin Office. 

  1. Unconditional Acceptance letter from the university of choice. 
  2. Copy of completed application form submitted to the university of choice. 
  3. Updated CV/Resume 
  4. Two reference letters (academic and professional)
  5. Copy of Military Certificate (for males only)

Qalaa Scholarship Alumni

Many students through Qalaa Scholarship got to achieve their dream of pursuing a Master’s degree abroad. Following are some of the alumnus and their universities and course name which they were able to pursue with the help of the Qalaa Scholarship.

Name  University Name  Course Name 
Hend Hassan  University of Cambridge MSc in Epidemology 
John Estefanous  Grenoble Institute of Technology  MSc in Electrical Engineering for smart Grids 
Aya Salah  London School of Economics  MSc in African Development 
Reem Zaki  University of Bonn  MSc in Astrophysics 
Hanan Shaaban  Ca’Foscari University of Venice  MSc in Conservation Science 
Dina El Deeb  University of Westminster  MA in Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture
Mohsen El Khweski  Lund University  MSc in Embedded Electronic Systems
Ahmed El Faraskoury  University of Manchester  MSc in Project Management
Shehab Salama  Queen Mary University of London  MA in International Shipping Law

Additional Scholarships

Qalaa Holding Scholarship Foundation in addition to its regular scholarship also manages other scholarships provided by Qalaa Holdings and its associated companies. Applicants applying for the following scholarships can not apply for regular scholarships provided by Qalaa Holding Scholarship Foundation. 

  • The Egyptian Refining Company Scholarship 

One master’s degree student will get support each year from the Egyptian Refining Company International Scholarship for their study in any academic field. Despite the fact that all qualified candidates are allowed to apply, the Musturud, Khousous, and Matareya locals will receive preference for this award. A copy of the applicant’s ID card must be sent with the scholarship application if they are a resident of these neighbourhoods. The ERC grant pays for both living expenses and tuition fees.

  • The TAQA Arabia Scholarship 

One master’s student in automotive engineering will get financial support from the TAQA Arabia Scholarship each year. The TAQA scholarship pays for both living expenses and tuition. After finishing their studies, those who get this scholarship are required to work for Taqa Arabia for at least three years.


Q1. Who is eligible to apply for Qalaa Scholarship? 

Ans. The Qalaa Scholarship is open to any Egyptian citizen under the age of 35. 

Q2. When can I download the QHSF application form?

Ans. The QHSF application form is available from January 15 to April 15 of every year. 

Q3. What are the degrees funded by the QHS?

Ans. QHSF provides scholarships to students pursuing full-time Master’s degrees. The prerequisite is that the mode of study should be on-campus and the degree should be full-time beginning in the fall intake. Also, QHSF does not fund PhD programs. 

Q4. How much funding does the Qalaa Scholarship offer? 

Ans. Qalaa Scholarship Funds provides an endowment to students under 2 scholarships –
1) fully funded scholarship covering tuition fees and living expenses. 
2) partially funded scholarship which covers tuition fees only. (The limit for tuition fees is 50,000 USD p.a) 

Q5. Can I submit my application form online or it needs to be sent only by post?

Ans. No, the application can only be submitted through the postal mail or by the FedEx account of QHSF. 
The candidates can send the documents by regular post to – Qalaa Holding Scholarships Foundation, PO Box 29, Postal Code – 11516, Cairo, Egypt. By Fedex candidates can send their documents to Qalaa Holdings Scholarship Foundation Hold at Fedex Mohandessin Office.

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