PTE Daily Essay Topic: Dangerous activities like extreme skiing, bungee jumping etc.

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PTE Daily Essay Topic: Dangerous activities like extreme skiing, bungee jumping etc.

Q. Dangerous activities like extreme skiing, bungee jumping etc. And whether u support them or not.

Ans. Dangerous sports and activities such as skiing and bungee jumping have garnered traction over the years owing to movies and pop culture which romanticize them and make them popular amongst the youth. However, I abhor the concept of such popular and harmful sports.


It is important to acknowledge that extreme sports, while potentially exhilarating and rewarding, do come with significant risks. Tragically, accidents and even fatalities can occur. These activities are often more complex than they appear. Before engaging in any extreme sport, thorough research, proper training, and appropriate safety measures are essential. Many individuals simply participate for fun without guidance from experienced individuals or qualified instructors and suffer injuries.

I think there is no virtue in indulging in such mindless activities which are life-threatening. Now, while I may not personally be drawn to activities like skiing or bungee jumping, I can understand why others find them appealing. The sense of accomplishment, connection with nature, and opportunity for personal growth can be powerful motivators. However, I do believe that prioritizing safety through proper training and preparation is essential. Ultimately, the decision to participate in such activities is a personal one, and respectful dialogue helps ensure everyone can make informed choices based on their own values and comfort levels.

To conclude, the choice to participate in extreme sports is a personal one. However, I will never recommend anyone to participate in such activities which could pose significant risks. One should thus prioritize safety and well-being and be aware of the potential risks involved in these exhilarating sports.

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