PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks: Tips That Help You Score High

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PTE Reading Fill In The Blanks: Tips That Help You Score High

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. Like any other English proficiency test, PTE is acceptable in many countries. These are those countries that accept English as their primary source of communication language. Like any other test, there are certain application dates, syllabus, eligibility etc. The exam pattern of this exam is also very easy with just some simple steps.


In these three parts of the test, there is a reading section of the exam. There are different types and numbers of questions in this section. In this blog, we will learn all about PTE Reading and Tips to score high on these tests.

PTE Reading Fill in The Blanks

Throughout this exam, there are different tests for the person who is giving the exam. These are the tests that can give the authorities to check your proficiency in the English language. The reading section generally consists of comprehensive paragraphs and then you have to answer the following questions. This can help them to learn your reading skill. One such question is of PTE Reading Fill in the Blanks. But to fully understand and answer these questions correctly, you need to understand them first.

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Tips To Score High In PTE Reading

Today with your hard work, you need to work smartly too. While working hard to clear your examinations, you need some tips to clear some sections of the exam certainly. There are some tips for you to score high in PTE Reading fill in the blanks sections. A detailed description of these tips is below:

Don’t Spend Too Much Time

Spending too much time on fill-in-blanks is an utter waste of time. The type of questions that come in this type that you get a comprehensive paragraph and you need to fill in the blanks according to that passage. Read that passage within 2-3 minutes and you will get an idea of the words and the meaning of the passage. Fill in the blanks accordingly carefully.

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Correct Grammar is Key

All you need to do in these questions is keep in mind the correct grammar. Sometimes when you read the passage and get a hold of the context, you can easily know what you need to fill in the blanks. Keep in mind to read the words before and after the blank carefully. When you get your basics right in grammar, you can easily save a lot of time in this step.

Follow The Instructions

Answering these questions surely needs your attention and you need to carefully fill in the blanks. In these questions, you just have to drop your correct answer in the box. Make sure you are careful enough and do not drop your correct answer into different boxes.

Improve Your Vocabulary 

Good vocabulary always comes to the rescue when you get stuck with any word in the passage. Even if you do not wish to use that difficult or complicated word, you can surely use its synonym easily. To improve your vocabulary, you can try and read some academic articles. The language used in those articles is very typical and you will develop a good vocabulary. Als try to keep a mini dictionary. It can always come to your rescue in case you get stuck in any word. 

Make Sure You Use Correct Word With the Same Meaning

You can always see a blank for which there can be two words with the same meaning. You should always use a word that can match that sentence and goes in sync with the line. To improve this skill, you need to do the good practice.


What is the PTE Exam?

The PTE exam is like any other proficiency test that you need to clear before moving abroad to study. Some of the various known colleges are now accepting these examinations as part of their eligibility criteria.

How many sections are there in the PTE Exam?

According to the exam pattern, there are around 3 sections for the English proficiency test. There are 3 sections in the PTE 2023 exam i.e. Speaking and Writing, Reading and Listening. In these 3 sections, there are various questions of different types and purposes.

What is the approximate duration of the PTE exam?

The approximate duration of the PTE exam is generally 2-2.5 hrs. Most of the time gets occupied in the first stage itself. And the remaining two stages take approximately the same time to complete.

Can I get scholarships in abroad colleges if I get good PTE marks?

Yes, there are some colleges abroad that offer scholarships on your PTE results basis. However, you need to personally check with all these colleges to get an idea of if there is any scholarship available.

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