13 February: PTE Essay Topic – International travel and tourism make people prejudiced rather than broad-minded.

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International travel and tourism make people prejudiced rather than broad-minded.

Q- International travel and tourism make people prejudiced rather than broad-minded. What are its causes and what measures can be taken to solve this problem?

A- People typically travel abroad to discover diverse cultures in various places. However, some claim that rather than broadening their perspectives, travelling abroad only serves to reinforce their prejudices. Before putting up my suggestions, I’d like to evaluate this complex phenomenon.


In my opinion, a huge number of things contribute to this unusual circumstance. First and foremost, as residents of industrialised nations are constantly proud of their outstanding traditions, they are much more inclined to struggle to fit in with a less developed nation. They are presumably dissatisfied with the surroundings, cuisine, weather, and other aspects of the area. Even worse, in host nations where locals are hesitant to accept visitors, certain conflicts between tourists and indigenous people might quickly arise. Furthermore, it is logical that individuals from various countries have different perspectives about different lifestyles, faiths, and other aspects of daily life. Visitors’ misunderstandings about the host country are made worse by the stark disparities. For instance, Chinese tourists may anger their waiters in western nations when they are unaware that they are expected to leave gratuities.

It is evident that having a thorough understanding of the nations they will be seeing before taking off gives them the opportunity to have a more fulfilling trip. Individuals might look for a more detailed introduction to the countries with the aid of computers. They shouldn’t believe the overly dramatic marketing. They can instead consult their pals who have already been there for extra suggestions. They should be psychologically and tolerant enough to deal with the negative aspects of the host nations.

To sum up, everyone wants to take a fantastic vacation overseas to enjoy their free time. However, some annoying details and occurrences are unavoidable. As a result, we should focus on the positive aspects of travel rather than developing stereotypes.

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