Updated List of Podcast Vocabulary IELTS 2023

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Updated List of Podcast Vocabulary IELTS

Applicants appearing for the IELTS English proficiency exam should be aware that at the time of taking an exam, they will be required to showcase their vocabulary skills. If the word, ‘Podcast’ vocabulary IELTS is asked then you are supposed to show your speaking skills around it. This blog will help you understand the meaning of several words which can be used in place of the word ‘Podcast’ from IELTS vocabulary. 


Podcast Vocabulary IELTS with Usage

The word ‘podcast’ can be brought up in the exam and based on that several questions can be asked. Questions like Do you listen to podcasts? Where did you learn about podcasts? What are the types of podcasts? and many other questions like these. In order to answer these questions, it is very important that the applicant has sufficient knowledge about this word and what other words can be used instead of this to pass the IELTS Speakng score

In the table mentioned below, you will be able to find several words which can be used in place of the word ‘Podcast’ which will enhance your vocabulary.

WebisodeBroadcastChat Show

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IELTS Podcast Vocabulary: Usage and Examples

Check here for the words, usage and how they can be used for IELTS podcast vocabulary which has been mentioned below in the table:

Word Meaning Example
PlaylistA list of recorded songs or pieces which are then chosen to be broadcast on a radio show.We’ve playlisted many artists like Taylor Swift who were also selected by others.
WebisodeAn original episode delivered from a television series, made for online viewing.The TV show will premiere a series of webisodes this summer.
ModcastA cross between a podcast and a monologue.I have started consuming a new kind of medium, Modcast.
BroadcastTransmission of a programme or some information via radio or television.The Queen’s funeral will be broadcasted to the whole of the UK.
VodcastIt basically a video podcast.Some of the most famous vodcasts are TED Talks
Chat ShowTelevision shows where celebrities are invited to talk informally.This Sunday’s chat show will be inviting Barak Obama. 

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What are some common words which can be used to describe Podcasts?

There are several common words which can be used to describe ‘Podcast’, these include vodcast, mobcast, webisode, playlist and more.

How can I talk about the word ‘Podcast’ in the IELTS exam?

At the time of answering questions about ‘Podcast’, one can talk about how they got to know about this word, what they think about this medium and even mention some of their favourite podcasts to which they listen.

How to describe the word ‘Podcast’  in one sentence?

In order to describe this word, simply put out a sentence describing the meaning of the word. It can be like- ‘ they are basically talk radio series on demand.’ The consumers of a podcast are not forced to listen to the content. 

We hope the information mentioned in this blog will help you in improving your  IELTS podcast vocabulary. Leverage Edu provides excellent online IELTS preparation. All you have to do is get in touch with our experts to start your IELTS preparation. 

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