Is GMAT Compulsory for Masters in the USA?

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Is GMAT Compulsory for Masters in the USA?

Students aspiring to pursue an  MBA  in the USA frequently wonder whether or not they must take the GMAT in order to enrol in post-graduate programmes there. To dispel the myth, the quick answer is no, students are not mandated to take the GMAT in order to pursue a Master’s degree in the States. However, there are certain conditions that must be met. Read the article to learn more about pursuing a master’s degree in the United States without taking the GMAT. 


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MBA in the USA Without GMAT Overview

Individuals who aspire to pursue an MBA from one of the top universities in the United States may do so without taking the GMAT exam. Those who do not wish to take the GMAT but intend to apply for an MBA degree in the USA must meet certain criteria, such as:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum aggregate score of 89%. 
  2. Good English Proficiency Test scores. 
  3. Work Experience of 4-5 years in a related field. 
  4. Statement of Purpose
  5. Letter of Recommendation (at least 3) 
  6. Additional Test Scores- Executive Assessment Test,  MCAT, LSAT, or DAT. 
  7. A GRE score of 300 or above.

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MBA in the USA Without GMAT: Top 5+ Universities

There are several institutions in the USA that offer MBA to students without requiring GMAT scores. Refer to the following table to go through the list of the top universities in the USA offering MBA without GMAT. 

Name of University Admission Requirement GMAT Waiver Criteria Application Deadline 
Columbia Business School Bachelor’s Degree Or Executive Assessment Degree
Eligible GRE score
Executive Assessment ScoreGRE Score August Intake: April 5, 2023
Sawyer Business SchoolUG Degree of 4 years Minimum GPA of 3 (83-86%)Eligible GRE ScoreFall Intake: July 15, 2023
Spring Intake: December 1, 2023
Summer Intake: April 1 2023
Kellogg School of Management UG Degree of 4 Years GRE score of 315April 5 2023
Colorado State University UG DegreeWork Experience of more than 8 years. International Deadline:  May 1 2023
Golden Gate University UG Degree GPA of 3.2 or above
Must have a managerial experience of more than 5 years. 
Fall Intake: September 4 2023
University of St. ThomasUGMinimum aggregate score of 89% in UG. Fall Intake: August 30 2023
Spring Intake: January 30 2023
Summer Intake: May 30, 2023

American universities do offer MBA to students without GMAT scores, however, it is important for students to meet the admission requirements. Refer to the following table to go through the admission requirements for an MBA without GMAT scores.  

MBA in the USA Without GMAT: Admission Requirements 
Academic Transcripts Class 12 Board Results, UG Degree Results 
GPA 3.5 or above 
Score Minimum score of 86-89% in UG Exam
Statement of Purpose1
Letter Of Recommendation2 to 3
Work Experience 2 to 8 Years 

MBA in the USA Without GMAT: Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for students aspiring to study an MBA in the United States range between INR (20.66 to 66.12 lakhs INR) and above. The tuition fees of some of the best universities in the United States that offer MBA programmes without GMAT scores are included in the table below. 

Name of University Annual Tuition FeesTuition Fees for Indian Students 
Columbia Business School 80,472 USD INR 66.18 Lakhs 
Kellogg School of Management 78,276 USDINR 64.71 Lakhs 
Colorado State University 43,035 USDINR 35.39 Lakhs 
Golden Gate University 75,000 USD INR 61.68 Lakhs 
University of St. Thomas58,680 USD INR 48.25 Lakhs 


1. Is GMAT mandatory for MBA in USA business schools?

 No, there are several business schools in the USA that provide MBA courses without requiring GMAT scores. However, there are certain criteria that must be met by students to pursue an MBA in the USA.

2. Do US universities charge extra fees for granting GMAT waivers?

No, universities in the USA do not charge extra fees for GMAT waivers. 

3. What GPA is required for an MBA in the USA without a GMAT?

To pursue an MBA in the USA without having to take the GMAT, students must get a minimum GPA of 2.76 to 3.0. 

There are some American universities that provide a master’s degree in business administration without requiring one to take the GMAT exam. Therefore, it is not compulsory for one to sit for a GMAT exam if they wish to further their education in the domain of business administration from the USA. 

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