8 Helpful Phrases to Learn Before You Study Abroad in Mexico

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Helpful Phrases to Learn Before Studying Abroad in Mexico

Mexico is an amazing country if you plan to study abroad in North America. With a variety of programmes offered in over 2000 colleges and universities, there is huge scope for higher education in Mexico. Along with your academics, you will be able to experience the lively Mexican culture, including festivals, and the chance to learn multiple languages. Now, to experience the aforementioned, being familiar with phrases to study abroad in Mexico helps. As Spanish is the official language of Mexico, the phrases are some of the most frequently used ones in Spanish in different circumstances in this country. Interested to know more? Continue reading! 

Phrases to Study Abroad in Mexico While Meeting New People 

So you have landed in Mexico and are preparing for the first day of college? Let’s start by going through the phrases you might witness and the meanings of which will help you to navigate your space while meeting new people. 

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Me llamo ______ 

Meaning: My name is _______ (Your Name)

You start by introducing yourself. This phrase is what’s used when others might introduce themselves by telling their name, or when you tell people yours. This is the start of having a conversation with a potential new friend. Do understand that when you travel to another country and interact with their cultures and language, seeing you make an effort to understand and learn about their ways matters. So here is the first step to do that: Introducing yourself in their language, Spanish. 

¡Mucho gusto!

Meaning: Nice to meet you!

This is also a part of an interaction between two people. Saying “nice to meet you” is a polite gesture to communicate that you enjoyed the company of someone new. It’s also simply a polite way of communicating at the end of a conversation. This phrase will surely help you in regards to not only meeting new people but also making friends. It’s easy to integrate this into your communication soon after you start to study abroad in Mexico. 

Phrases to Study Abroad in Mexico While Looking for Medical Attention 

Now imagine you are sick in bed and in need of help while looking for medical attention. This is a pretty common and inevitable situation you can find yourself in. Who doesn’t fall ill every once in a while right? Well, in those cases, you must be able to communicate your needs to the locals. Getting to know about the phrases to use in this situation is highly helpful. So read below. 

Busco una farmacia

Meaning:  I’m looking for a pharmacy.

One of the first steps for you to do is to look for a pharmacy to get your medicines. In this case, if you find yourself in a situation where the barrier of language stands, this phrase helps. It indicates your need to look for a pharmacy, and the other person to extend their helping hand. 

Me duele la cabeza

Meaning:  My head hurts.

Now that you have entered the pharmacy, how do you tell the pharmacist of your symptoms? Suppose you are suffering from a headache, you can use the phrase “me duele la cabeza”. If the pharmacist and you prefer English, that’s completely fine. But to better be safe than sorry, this is the Spanish phrase that shall help you in emergencies.

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Phrases to Study Abroad in Mexico While Asking for Directions 

Now that you are studying abroad in Mexico, commuting is another aspect of your life that’s bound to be common. If you are not at a short distance from your university, and it’s your first time commuting to a new place, you will need to ask for directions. This is where the short phrases mentioned below help you out. 

Estoy perdido/a.

Meaning: I am lost

One of the most direct ways to ask for help while commuting/travelling is to communicate to the locals how you need help with directions since you are lost. This phrase helps you with that. You can also use it over text to ask for help from your newly formed friendships in the country. 

¿Cómo llego a ______ ?

Meaning:  How do I get to ______ (Location)?

To know about the directions of a particular place in detail, this phrase can be used. You just have to insert the name of the place at the end to communicate the entire phrase and the local person in the country will be able to understand and help you out. If they don’t know the directions either and you are stuck, you can ask officials to guide you in their preferred language. If it’s in English, great, if not, you already know what phrase to use!

Phrases to Study Abroad in Mexico While Maintaining Connections 

How to connect with people in your age group? Via slangs. Yes, slangs offer a medium of comfort and familiarity with people who usually belong to a particular culture/group and all share the same knowledge and context of the particular slang. What are these slangs that can help you in your study abroad journey in Mexico? 

¿Qué onda?

Meaning: What’s up?

Asking “What’s up?” is one of the most general ways to start a conversation with a friend. As it a slang, it is usually used in contexts that are more of an informal nature. You can use it at parties, in casual hangouts, while getting to know someone, and while maintaining connections!  

¡No manches! 

Meaning: No way!

Something sounded so surprising or out of the ordinary, that you end up saying “No way!” This phrase is the Spanish version of that in Mexico. It is most commonly used between people who have a comfortable rapport, in informal situations. It is, arguably, one of the most popular slang in Mexico. It can also be used to utter disappointment. For example, your friend cancelled on you last minute on your dinner plans. ¡No manches!

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What is a common phrase in Mexico?

A common phrase in Mexico is ¡Mucho gusto! which means “nice to meet you!”. 

Are there any words or sayings unique in Mexico?

Some of the unique slang only locals in Mexico might know are:
Buena Onda – good vibes. 
La Neta – really?

What language is spoken in Mexico?

The official language in Mexico is Spanish.

Those were some of the helpful phrases to study abroad in Mexico! Hope this helps you in your study abroad journey. Keep following Wings by Leverage Edu for more such interesting blogs. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.

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