10+ Helpful Phrases to Learn Before You Travel to Study Abroad in UK

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Going to study abroad in the UK? Be ready to accustom yourself to various UK phrases that you might not be familiar with, full of meanings that you wouldn’t have figured out if you hadn’t read about them beforehand. Getting ready to study in UK not only involves preparing for the practical aspects such as accommodation, fees, and residence permit. Knowing about the culture and lifestyle of that country is also a part of the study abroad preparation and experience. This blog helps you with just that. By talking about helpful UK phrases, it readies you to study in UK with better know-how at a higher preparatory level. Read on! 


Most Common UK Phrases Used With Friends 

Starting off, let’s get into details about some of the most helpful UK phrases that are used amongst friends and family in UK! 


Meaning: Isn’t it? 

An informal take on the question “isn’t it”, you will find this word used more than you would have expected. That’s because it’s become a common slang word in the world of British conversations. It will help you be at better ease as you travel to study abroad in UK, for it indicates the informal nature of a friendly relationship between you and your British classmates. 

The phrase is used at the end of a question, for a bit of dramatic effect. Let’s check out the example below for a better reference. 


  • “It’s really cold today, init?” 
  • “That building is magnificent, innit?” 

How to Use: This phrase is best used in an informal situation and should not be used in a professional setting. 


Meaning: Alcohol. 

This is kind of a direct conversion of the term “beverage” for alcohol. Simply put, it’s “Bevvy” for short. It’s sort of a pet name. Once again, this useful UK phrase is an informal one that’s used between friends, often when they are in the process of getting drinks together. In fact, many bars and pubs would have the phrase “Bevvy” in their names, indicating the popularity of the word. In terms of usage, it can be an intransitive verb as well as a noun. 


  • “His favourite bevvy wasn’t available at this bar.”
  • “After an hour of bevvying, he was completely hammered.”

How to Use: Bevvy can be used in various forms and ways, but all in an informal context. For example, it can be turned into “bevvied”, which means “to be drunk”. 

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Mind your P’s and Q’s 

Meaning: To mind your manners; Be on your best behaviour. 

Mind your P’s and Q’s is a fairly popular and helpful UK phrase for you to learn before you travel to study abroad in UK. It’s been used for almost a hundred years, indicating its long-lastingness in British culture. So if someone asks you to mind your P’s and Q’s before an occasion, get the hint to mind your manners and try to be extra polite in that particular situation. Though it reflects a historical meaning, this phrase has been modernised and used in several memes as well. 


“I will pick you up for the party at 8 pm” 

“Okay, but mind your P’s and Q’s, my grandparents will be home.”

Stop Faffing Around 

Meaning: To stop spending your time doing something unimportant; or being told to stop doing something ineffectively, which isn’t achieving much.

Oh, no! Your class assignment deadline is fast approaching, and you aren’t even close to completing it 🙁 Your British friend tells you to “stop faffing around”, what do they mean to say? In this context, it’s clearly aimed at you as a reminder to stop wasting your time and concentrate on getting the work done. If you are not doing it properly, then the implication is to get it done as fast as possible, in a more efficient manner. 


  • “You’re taking too long! Stop faffing about and get on with it!”

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I’m Chuffed to Bits!

Meaning: I’m very pleased. 

This phrase is most commonly used in a positive manner, often when one is happy and pleased with one’s own results. For instance, you had an extremely important project deadline that you had been worrying about for weeks. But despite the self-doubt, you could pull yourself up and get the work done, reaping good results. You could say you are chuffed to bits in that situation. On a completely different lighter note, the phrase can also be used when you have simply succeeded in getting your friend into your favourite TV show, which they too are now in love with, by the way.   


“I’m chuffed that were able to catch the last show of Hamelton – chuffed to bits!”

More Helpful UK Phrases to Learn 

Now that you must be quite familiar with UK phrases, we additionally share more of the same in the table below!

Phrase Meaning 
Fancy a cuppa?“Would you like a cup of tea?”
I’m knackered!“I’m tired.”
Eejit “Idiot.”
Cheap as chips“Very Inexpensive”
Shoot from the hip“To speak or say directly”
Cheeky “Playfuly Disrespectful”
Cost a bomb“Expensive”
Dog’s dinner“Badly organized”

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What are British phrases for excellent?

British “Brilliant” is often used to describe something that’s excellent. 

What are 3 words that British people say?

“Bloke”, “Lad”, and “Bonkers” are some words that British people say. 

What are UK words for awesome?

Some helpful UK words for awesome are “ace”, “blinding”, “chuffed”.

Those were some of the helpful UK phrases to learn before you travel to study abroad in UK! Hope this helps you in your study abroad journey. Keep following Wings by Leverage Edu for more such interesting blogs. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.

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