What is a Good Duolingo Score?

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What is a Good Duolingo Score?

Learning a new language can be a rewarding experience, as it opens doors for thousands of opportunities worldwide. English proficiency has become increasingly important for individuals seeking educational and professional opportunities. There are many types of proficiency tests and assessments available, and one of the widely accepted English Proficiency Tests is Duolingo. Scoring well can be a bit of a task and test takers often wonder “What is a Good Duolingo Score?”.

In this blog, we will have a close look at the Duolingo score range and tips to score well in the exam. 

Exam NameDuolingo English Test (DET)
Duolingo English Test FeeINR 4020
Duration1 Hour
Score Validity2 years
Official Websitehttps://englishtest.duolingo.com/ 

What is a Good Duolingo Score?

The Duolingo English Proficiency Test is an online language proficiency test designed to assess a person’s ability to understand and use the English language. It evaluates four key language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

A good Duolingo score ranges from 100-120 and many universities are accepting scores in this range.

Whether a score of 100 on the Duolingo English Proficiency Test is considered good or not depends on several factors, including your specific goals and the requirements of the institution or organization you are applying to. 

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Duolingo English Proficiency Test Score Range

Each test-taker receives a score within this range, which reflects their English language proficiency.

Here’s a breakdown of the score range:

Score RangeDescription
Below 60Scores in this range indicate a basic understanding of English but limited proficiency. Individuals in this range may struggle with more complex language tasks.
60-85Scores in this range suggest a moderate level of English proficiency. Test-takers can understand and communicate in English.
90-115This range indicates a high level of English proficiency. Test-takers in this category have a strong connection with the language.
120-160Scores in this range represent the highest level of English proficiency. Test-takers in this category are considered highly proficient and can easily communicate in the language. 

The score is calculated based on the performance of the test-taker in the various sections of the exam. The validity of the Duolingo English proficiency test is 2 years. 

Top Universities Accepting 100 Marks in Duolingo Test

Here is the list of top universities accepting 100 scores in this English proficiency test:

UniversityRanking 2024
Kent State University#1001-1200
University of Arizona285
University of Oklahoma601-650
Brunel University343
University of Bristol44
Aston University446
University of Stirling431


1. What is the score range of Duolingo?

The score range of Duolingo is 10-160. 100 is generally considered a good score for Duolingo acceptance.

2. What is the maximum score in Duolingo?

The maximum score in the Duolingo exam is 160. 

3. Is 100 A Good Score in Duolingo?

Yes, three are a lot of universities that are now accepting 100 Duolingo scores for their admission. The average score range accepted by good universities is 100-120. 

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