Personality Related Vocabulary for IELTS 2023

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Personality Related Vocabulary For IELTS: A powerful vocabulary is very important if you want to score well in the IELTS exam. In both IELTS Speaking and Writing sections vocabulary carries 25% weightage. With a wide range of vocabulary, you will be able to communicate more seamlessly and fluently with the examiner. Otherwise, you will have very limited words to express your thoughts and ideas which will make your responses boring and dull. In this article, we will cover Health related vocabulary and synonyms to improve your IELTS score. 

The English Proficiency test is all about how accurately you can use your vocabulary. Memorizing a long list of words is absolutely worthless, you need to polish your vocabulary related to topics that are common and frequently asked in IELTS. Here is why you should learn Personality related vocabulary.

  • Personality-related vocabulary is extremely important while giving a self-introduction in the form of an examiner or interviewer. 
  • Knowing a wide range of personality-related terms will help you answer personality-related questions in a better and more interesting way. 
  • You will be able to write personality-related essays using a wide range of words. 
  • You will also be able to listen and understand tropics, passages, and questions related to personality. 

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Personality Vocabulary with Meaning for IELTS

Now that we know why it is important to learn personality-related vocabulary, let’s get familiarized with some terms and words that can be used to describe an individual’s personality. 

Words Meanings 
Active Energetic
Adventurous Daring 
Affable  Pleasing and friendly 
Affected Influenced by something/someone
Affectionate Adoring
Afraid Scared
Ambitious  Sincere regarding career goals 
Amiable  Cordial
Angry Annoyed
Animated Lively
Annoyed Irritated 
Anxious  Nervous 
Argumentative Tendency to argue 
Arrogant Negatively boastful 
Astonished  Surprised 
Attentive  Paying attention 
Babyish  Very childish
Bewildered  Confused
Blaze Unbothered
Boring  Dull 
Bossy  Dominating
Busy Engaged
Calm Quiet 
Capable To have the ability 
Careful Cautious
Charismatic Attractive
Charming Pleasant
Cheerful  Happy
Clever Intelligent
Courageous Brave
Cooperative Helpful 
Dauntless Fearless
Determined Persistent
Doubtful Uncertain
Eager Curious 
Efficient Well planned
Enthusiastic Full of excitement
Glum Sorrowful
Haughty Arrogant
Hopeful Optimistic
Humble Down to earth
Humorous Funny
Impartial Not biased
Impudent Shameless
Languid Sluggish
Lucky Fortunate
Mature Grown-up
Mean Cruel
Obnoxious Disagreeable
Pensive Thoughtful 
Popular Famous 
Reliable  Trustworthy
Rowdy Loud and violent
Skillful  Proficient
Surly Not friendly
Valiant Courageous
Wise  Clever
Witty Entertaining
Zealous  Enthusiastic
Zany Stupid
Zippy Fast

Personality Synonyms for IELTS 

Here are some synonyms of personality that you can use in the IELTS exam to make your answers more creative and interesting. 

  • Nature 
  • Character
  • Persona
  • Temperament
  • Behaviour
  • Department
  • Comportment
  • Mentality

Tips to Improve IELTS Vocabulary 

Vocabulary is one of the most important and powerful arms to improve your score in IELTS. Improving Vocabulary is a gradual process and is impossible to achieve overnight. Here are some ways to improve your vocabulary 


Reading not only familiarises you with new terms but also helps you to learn the context. Each time you come across a word try to find its meaning and try to make meaningful sentences. 


There are numerous videos available on the internet that can enhance your vocabulary. Watch videos regarding synonyms, meanings, and vocabulary. It’s an exciting way to learn new words with meaning and pronunciation. 


Note down the new words and terms on a flashcard. Flashcards are very effective for the revision and recall of the words you are learning. 


Communication and conversation play a very important role in improving vocabulary. Try to incorporate the new words while you are speaking or chatting with someone. This will help in building confidence as well as make you understand the context of it in a practical way. 


Is it important to learn personality-related vocabulary for IELTS?

Yes, it is important to learn personality-related vocabulary for IELTS as IELTS comprises of topics related to personality, people, and characteristics.

What kind of questions are asked regarding personality in IELTS?

There is a task in IELTS where you are asked to describe a person and to do so you should know a wide range of words related to personality to make your answer captivating and compelling.

Do I need to describe my personality in IELTS? 

Yes, It’s very common for the examiner to ask you to describe yourself. Here you need to mention your personality, education qualification, profession, and skills/hobbies. 

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