TOEFL Listening: Listening Task 3 (Function Questions)

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Listening Task 3 (Function Questions)

These questions typically focus on a specific section of the passage, sometimes even a single word. They involve playing a segment of the recording that relates to the question’s topic and then replaying only that particular topic.

These questions are typically phrased as follows:

  • What does the professor imply when he says this? 
  • Why does the student say this? 
  • What does the professor mean when she says this?

Why does the professor say this?​

a. The damaging effects of X-rays were not understood until many years after their introduction

b. X-rays were not appreciated for the first few years after discovery

c. People did not care about the side effects of X-ray use until much later

d. It took several years for side effects to appear

Tips to Remember

  • The function of what is said may not match what the speaker directly states.
  • Understand the context
  • Identify the real meaning of the statement 
  • Identify what the speaker may be doing- directing, recommending, complaining, agreeing/disagreeing, questioning or confirming.

Correct Answer: A

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