Study Abroad In Canada: Overseas Campus Agreements By Seneca And Camosun

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Moving Abroad for Education
Canadian Universities Seneca and Camosun to open an overseas campus individually at Cairo and Phillipines for accessible Canadian education.

Canadian Universities are currently leading in their enrollment of international students. This is why two Universities have decided to open overseas campus individually. The Seneca University of Toronto and Camosun College in British Columbia have tied up with two institutions respectively. The main goal is to impart the Canadian quality of higher education to students of other countries at affordable costs.


Seneca Tie-Up with CIRA For Overseas Campus

The Toronto-based University, Seneca has actually signed an agreement with CIRA to open 2 campuses in Cairo. Each of the overseas campus would aim at extending Canadian education to Egyptian youngsters. The MoU between the Ontario campus and the overseas campus by CIRA has been endorsed jointly by the President of Seneca and the Chairman of the Board of Directors at CIRA. The three main umbrella courses that would be imparted at these campuses are information technology, business, and engineering. The President of Seneca also planned on providing English-speaking training to the students at these campuses. It will thus be a great opportunity for the students aspiring to have Canadian education right in Cairo. David Agnew, the President of Seneca, said “We will bring to Cairo our decades of experience in high-quality polytechnic education that builds great careers for our graduates.”

Camosun and Miriam in the Phillippines

The Camosun College in partnership with Miriam College, a Filipino institution in Quezon City, has planned on extending Canadian education to the Phillippines. It will be a huge opportunity for the students in the Philippines to enter the growth-based overseas campus. The southeast Asian students can now access Camosun and Miriam degrees in business administration, early learning and care, health care assistance, and mental health and addictions. There will also be a student exchange program for Camosun and Miriam students and also opportunities for the faculty of both colleges. Ambassador Laura Quiambao-Del Rosario, President of Miriam College, mentioned “Access to Camosun degree and diploma programs through Miriam College here in the Philippines will allow us to continue advancing knowledge at a time when the world is changing faster”.

overseas campus

International students can now access Canadian education closer to home. Every new overseas campus would give the same standard Canadian quality of education with the facility of studying overseas but at much lower costs.

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