Study Abroad: Former Ministers become the first Commissioners for the IHEC

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Study Abroad Former Ministers become the first Commissioners for the IHEC
Former Ministers become the first Commissioners for the International Higher Education Commission (IHEC) in its third event.

The new International Higher Education Commission (IHEC) is to hold its third event, an evidence session. A discussion with HE leaders, policymakers, and leading practitioners on “The Real Economic Value of International Students.” In which it will announce the name of its first commissioners for the IHEC.


Details of the event

One of the commissioners, Rt Hon Lord Jo Johnson, a former minister for universities, science, research, and innovation, as well as Nick Hillman, director of the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI), and Anne Marie Graham, CEO of UKCISA, will present evidence at the session. It will be regarding the true economic value of international students. In light of the government’s proposed new visa requirements. Also, the necessity of sustainable funding for UK higher education in the current economy, and the advantages of “internships.”

By signing up here, you can view the meeting for The first Commissioners for the IHEC live: Meeting Registration – Zoom

At the conclusion of the meeting, the first group of commissioners will be revealed, including:

  • Former Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research, and Innovation, Lord Jo Johnson (2015-2018)
  • Former Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research, and Innovation, Lord David Willetts (2010-2014)
  • Former Secretary of State for Culture and Chancellor of the University of the Arts in London, James Purnell
  • the CEO of London Higher, Diana Beech
  • Anne Marie Graham, UKCISA’s CEO
  • Board member of University Alliance and Middlesex University’s vice chancellor Nic Beech
  • Shearer West, vice chancellor of the University of Nottingham and the Russell Group’s international lead
  • Chair of Yorkshire Universities and VC Karen Bryan York St. John College

In addition to holding frequent roundtable discussions, the Commission will write several papers. For over the next four months on important issues in the HE sector. A consultation document is anticipated around the end of May.

Previous Meetings held

The Commission has already held meetings before. It has explored issues such as student visas and immigration status. How to serve international students in the UK better, and potential difficulties. The higher education sector may face such situations in the future.

Commission Chair Chris Skidmore made a statement that he is thrilled with the Commission’s initial work. Feedback has confirmed how important and relevant the session is. With the range and depth of knowledge that the initial group of Commissioners represents. It will undoubtedly be able to deliver the crucial results. Which is a clear vision for the UK’s International Education Strategy. This can produce the best results for the industry. Also for its numerous stakeholders, including, crucially, domestic students, rather than just treating students as numbers on a spreadsheet.

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