8 Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad for Nigerian Students

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Are you a Nigerian student looking to broaden your horizons and experience a new culture while earning a degree? Studying abroad can be an enriching and unforgettable experience, but the cost can be a major concern. This blog explores the 8 cheapest country to study abroad for Nigerian students, allowing you to focus on your academic journey without breaking the bank. We will cover the financial aspects such as tuition fees and the cost of living for the learners. Read on to find out!

CountryAnnual Tuition Fee (Approx)
TaiwanTWD 51,000 – 150,200 per year
PolandPLN 8,643 – 12,964 per year
MalaysiaMYR 5,000 – 7,000 per year
FranceEUR 170 – 3,500 per year
IndiaINR 29,113 – 4,57,492 per year
ArgentinaUSD 2,300 – 27,000 per year
HungaryEUR 5,000 – 7,500 per year
GermanyEUR 300 – 20,000 per year

1. Taiwan

Taiwan is the first among the cheapest country to study for Nigerian students, having 40+ universities that offer more than 120 English-taught courses. The undergraduate courses in the country cost TWD 51,000 – 78,000 per year, while postgraduate courses charge TWD 150,200 per year. Also, the cost of living in Taiwan is around TWD 28,786 – 35,183 per month

Cheap Universities in Taiwan for Nigerian Students

University Name Average Tuition Fees (Approx)
National Cheng Kung UniversityTWD 68,400 – 90,142 per year 
National Taipei UniversityTWD 42,000 – 91,382 per year
National Chung Hsing UniversityTWD 90,066 – 92,182 per year

2. Poland

The next cheapest country to study for Nigerian students in the world is Poland, offering high-quality education and a fascinating history and culture to explore. While both undergraduate and postgraduate courses are free for Polish students, Nigerian students can also afford them at PLN 8,643 – 12,964 per year. The monthly living cost in Poland is around PLN 2,877 for international students. 

Cheap Universities in Poland for Nigerian Students

University Name Average Tuition Fees (Approx)
University of WroclawPLN 7,114.57 – PLN 17,884.84 per year
University of Economics in KatowicePLN 10,000 – PLN 14,000 per year
Poznan University of TechnologyPLN 4,700 – PLN 7,500 per year

3. Malaysia

Already one of the most popular study abroad destinations among international students, Malaysia is known for its affordable tuition fee, especially in the Pharmacy discipline. All in all, the average tuition fee in Malaysia for Nigerian students comes up to MYR 5,000 – 7,000 per year. Plus, they can also work during the summer break to add a little extra to their cost of living in Malaysia of MYR 100 – 200 per month.

Cheap Universities in Malaysia for Nigerian Students

University Name Average Tuition Fees (Approx)
University of Malaysia, KelantanRM 2,895 – RM 8,615 per year
National Defense University of MalaysiaRM 5,050- RM 3,550 per year
University of Malaya RM 5,400- RM 11,330 per year

4. France

While the monthly living cost in France may be higher (EUR 1,200 – 1,800), it’s among the cheapest country to study for Nigerian students, especially Nursing aspirants. The average tuition fee in the country ranges from EUR 170 – 3,500 per year, with undergraduate courses costing EUR 650 – 2,000 per year and higher-level programs charging more than EUR 3,000. 

Cheap Universities in France for Nigerian Students

University Name Average Tuition Fees (Approx)
Ecole Centrale de Lyon EUR 2,513 per year
University of StrabourgEUR 184- 256 per year
Ecole PolytechniqueEUR 33,000 per year

5. India

Currently one of the most powerful developing nations in the world, India is known for attracting students from around the globe since ancient times. The country offers courses at various levels and languages, costing anywhere from INR 29,113 to INR 4,57,492 annually. The living cost in India for international learners comes roughly up to INR 20,000 – 27,265 per month, effectively making it one of the cheapest countries to study for Nigerian students.

Cheapest Universities to Study for Nigerian Students in India

University Name Average Tuition Fees (Approx)
Osmania UniversityINR 33,234 per year
University of IEC (India Education Centre)INR 30,329 per year
University of Gujarat Law Society INR 41,713.21 per year

6. Argentina

Since bachelor-level education in Argentina’s public universities is free, the country is also a popular option for Nigerian students to study abroad. Even private universities charge a low tuition fee ranging from USD 3,000 – 20,000 per year for undergraduate courses and USD 2,300 – 27,000 per year for postgraduate courses. As for the cost of living in Argentina, students from Nigeria can expect monthly expenses ranging from USD 500-1,400.

Cheap Universities in Argentina for Nigerian Students

University Name Average Tuition Fees (Approx)
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo 74,687 ARS – 108,670 ARS per year
Universidad Catolica de Cordoba (Catholic University of Cordoba) 74,687 ARS – 106,820 ARS per year
Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina (The Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina)74,700 ARS – 261,461 ARS per year

7. Hungary

Lastly, Hungary also makes it to the cheapest countries to study for Nigerian students list, particularly the ones planning to pursue Psychology. The tuition fees for international students in this European country is between EUR 5,500 – 7,500 per year. The students must have an additional budget of EUR 300-800 to cover the monthly living expenses in Hungary.

Cheapest Universities to Study for Nigerian Students in Hungary

University Name Average Tuition Fees (Approx)
Eötvös Loránd University EUR 2,200 per year
University of Pannonia EUR 2,415 per year
University of Szeged EUR 3,000 per year

8. Germany

Lastly, Germany has always been an ambassador of affordable education for international students. They can pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate education in the country’s public universities for free (unless the Master’s course you’re pursuing is different than your Bachelor’s qualification). Most of the courses are taught in English so the learners need not worry about being fluent in German. Also, the cost of living in Germany is low for overseas students, roughly around EUR 867 per month.

Cheap Universities in Germany for Nigerian Students:

UniversityAverage Tuition Fees (approx)
Technical University Of MunichNo tuition fees
Freie University of BerlinNo tuition fees
RWTH Aachen UniversityNo tuition fees

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Q1. What are some of the most affordable countries for Nigerian students to study abroad?

Ans: Here’s the list of 10 cheapest countries to study for Nigerian students:
1. Taiwan
2. Poland
3. Malaysia
4. France
5. India
6. Argentina
7. Hungary
8. Ireland
9. Germany
10. Mexico

Q2. Beyond tuition fees, what living expenses should I consider?

Ans: Apart from the tuition fees, you must also set aside the budget for following essential expenses as a Nigerian student:
1. Accommodation
2. Food
3. Transportation
4. Health Insurance

Q3. Are scholarships available for Nigerian students abroad?

Ans: Yes, scholarships can be a game-changer for financing your studies abroad. Here are some resources to explore:
1. University Scholarships: Many universities in these affordable countries offer scholarships specifically for international students. 
2. Nigerian Scholarships: Government agencies, NGOs, and private organizations in Nigeria might offer scholarships for studying abroad in specific fields.

We hope that this blog helped you discover the cheapest country to study for Nigerian students in 2024. For more such study abroad content like this, stay tuned to Leverage Edu daily. Thank you for reading!

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