Master of Finance GMAT Requirements

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Master of Finance GMAT Requirements

The Master of Finance is a postgraduate degree that prepares graduates for careers in finance. Graduates of this course can work as financial analysts, financial advisors, and management consultants, among others. However, to get admission to the master of finance course students must meet the eligibility criteria of the university. That is, they must meet the GMAT scores of the university along with other requirements. However, the Master of Finance GMAT score varies from university to university. Keep reading to learn more about the Master of Finance GMAT.


About Master of Finance 

Unlike the MBA degree, the Master of Finance degree focuses specifically on Finance. Students would learn everything from financial reporting and analysis to fintech. Some schools offer Master of Finance programs to students with work experience. For example, London Business School UK. However,  the course is meant for students without work experience. According to GMAC. 61% of the students who are applying for Master of Finance courses are below the age of 24.

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Is GMAT Required for a Master’s in Finance?

Master of Finance GMAT requirement is on the basis of the university. Some universities want the student to submit the GMAT scores while other universities do not. For example, the Warwick Business School does not require the student to submit the GMAT scores. However, the university states that a GMAT score of 700+ would strengthen the application of the student.

The London Business School, on the other hand, has a fee waiver program for those having a high GMAT score.  Similarly, MIT has a GMAT requirement of 716. It is worth noting that the Master in Finance degree is not a business degree. Some schools also offer Master of Science degrees, such as a Master of Science in Finance.

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Master of Finance GMAT Minimum score

The GMAT scores required vary on the basis of the university. Generally, the minimum Master of Finance GMAT score required by a university is 600. Do note that this is the minimum score. Universities can ask the student to submit a higher score. For example, the MIT GMAT score requirement is 716.

Top Master of Finance Programs 

Here is a list of the top Master of Finance programs offered by some of the best universities. The Master of Finance GMAT score senders 2022 are as follows.

University NameCountryProgram Name
National University of Singapore – NUS Business SchoolSingaporeMSc in Finance
Johns Hopkins University – Carey Business SchoolUnited StatesMS in Finance
London Business SchoolUnited Kingdom Masters in Financial Analysis
University of Hong Kong – Faculty of Business & EconomicsHong KongMaster of Finance
London School of Economics and Political ScienceUnited KingdomMSc Finance 
The Chinese University of Hong Kong – CUHK Business SchoolHong KongMS in Finance
University of Southern California – Marshall School of BusinessUnited StatesMasters in Finance
Imperial College London – Imperial College Business SchoolUnited KingdomMSc Finance
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – MIT Sloan School of ManagementUnited StatesMaster of Finance
Washington University in St. Louis – Olin Business SchoolUnited StatesMS in Finance
HEC ParisFranceMSc International Finance

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1. Is GMAT required for Masters in Finance?

No. GMAT scores are not mandatory for a Master’s in Finance. However, many universities prefer it. Clearing the GMAT exam and meeting the score required by the university is not sufficient. Students have to meet other requirements such as providing proof of English language proficiency.

2. Is GMAT required for finance?

Yes. GMAT is required to get admission to the top universities in the world. A score above 600 is considered as competitive. However, the average GMAT score requirement by the top universities is between 680-784.

3. Is GMAT required for Masters in Finance in USA?

Yes. GMAT score is required for a Masters in Finance in the USA. However, it is not a requirement in several universities in the US.

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