Study Abroad: Increase In Rent For Student Housings; Govt. Plans For Hardship Funding

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Following the immense shortages of student housing across Europe, America, Australia, and Canada, Governments are planning for Hardship Funding to help students with the rising costs of housing.

The current academic year is seeing a huge influx of international students from all corners of the world into Canada, Australia, the UK, and the USA. The huge response to the international development plans of the Universities has caused this massive influx. As a result of this upsurge in interest, there is a shortage of student housing throughout these countries. To support the Universities and the Governments, there are plans of developing more student housing options. However, the construction projects have made the housing costs rise by approx. 8% last year in Canada and Australia.


Hike In Rent: Where and Why?

Study Abroad: Increase In Rent For Student Housings; Govt. Plans For Hardship Funding
(Source: BONARD, 2022)

The increase in rent of student accommodations has hit majorly Canada, Australia, European countries, and also the USA. The major reasons for the increase in rent are:

  • A huge influx of international students
  • Low supply versus high demand
  • High construction charges
  • Incoming inflation
  • Energy crisis

However, international students are the ones who are suffering in the situation. There are many students who have started their academic year without having a place to live in. To solve this immense issue of lack of housing and an increase in rent the Governments have come together along with the Universities.

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Study Abroad: Increase In Rent For Student Housings; Govt. Plans For Hardship Funding

Hardship Funding and Government Funded Construction

The government of Ireland has taken a step to bring the plight of the students to an end. The Government has noticed that the incoming inflation has increased the cost of living already. With this predicament, the construction charges to build new student accommodations have also gone up. With the higher charges of accommodation come the demands of the students; the students will also look for better amenities and packages inside the living campuses. To sort the entire issue, the Ireland government has declared that it will fund the construction of student housing in Ireland.

The Government of the UK has declared in the same issue that it will provide ‘Hardship Funding’ of  £15 million to all the international students struggling with the higher living costs ad increase in rent. As a result, to the respite of the students, the UK and Ireland will be supportive of their plight. The other Governments are soon to follow the scheme of ‘Hardship Funding’. This will hugely alleviate the despair of the students and allow them to comfortably complete their degrees.

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