Study Abroad in the USA: USC to consider more on-campus positions to help international students

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As per the unionizing efforts of the graduated international students, USA working conditions can undoubtedly improve on-campus.

Over the past couple of years, the United States has become of the best and most popular study-abroad destinations for international students. Many students from different parts of the world take admitted to US universities to pursue higher education and boost their academic life. 


As per reports, more than 30% of students at USC are from other countries. However, developing and maintaining life in the United States. Not to mention, living in the big cities makes it even more difficult and challenging for international students. 

The ongoing union election of the student workers stated that they will help the graduate students, including the international ones. The capability of USC is much more at raising the voice of international students, such as providing them with the same on-campus benefits as others. 


Many international students face extreme financial hardships while studying abroad in the USA and on-campus jobs are one of the best options for them to earn extra amount of money. Unlike American students, international students aren’t eligible for federal loans as well as third-party scholarships which would prove super beneficial during their time in the USA

In addition, there are some specific public universities, where international students need to pay more money in terms of tuition fees than American students. Due to global inflammation and increased currency exchange rates, international students might face more problems affording their higher education dream without the help of on-campus jobs. 

How on-campus jobs can help international students in the USA?

Many international students consider finding internships or part-time jobs so that they can gain a little bit of financial stability. Not only the university tuition fees but also the living expenses in the USA are super expensive, especially in metropolitan cities. 

Unlike the on-campus jobs, most off-campus jobs in the USA require students with properly affiliated educational backgrounds before giving them a chance to apply. 

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