IELTS Speaking Topics: Describe an art or craft activity (example painting, woodwork, etc.) that you had at school. 

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Describe an art or craft activity (example painting, woodwork, etc.) that you had at school. 

Q- Describe an art or craft activity (example painting, woodwork, etc.) that you had at school.

Ans: I recall winning the first prize in the best-out-of-waste competition when I was in fourth grade. This art and craft competition served as my gateway to the exquisite world of art. It was the first time I realised how fun and invigorating it is to create art or something ingenious completely from scratch using my own imagination and creativity. 


The task at hand required students to construct a work of art out of waste. Although the competition appeared to some to be difficult and time-consuming, I was ecstatic the entire time, right from ideation to the implementation stage. Finally, I decided to make a penguin out of a recycled bottle. I had a general notion of what I was going to construct, but it was still difficult for me to successfully implement the vision I had in my head, owing to a lack of necessary equipment. However, I was able to create my penguin with only a waste bottle. I had to carve the bottle in the shape of a penguin, surround it with plaster of Paris, and then paint it properly. I was worried I wouldn’t make it on time because of the time constraint, but I was still able to complete my art piece before the bell rang.

After the competition, it was time for the prize and felicitation event. Although I didn’t anticipate winning a prize at the time because I thought other students had created far better art than me and I had made some errors in my last minutes, I still hoped and longed to receive some form of recognition or admiration for my work. I recall being so stressed at the moment that I became numb when it came time for the award presentation. However, when the moment arrived and my name was called, I felt a rush of excitement and nervousness run down my spine. I took the stage only to be given first place for my best-out-of-waste project. That moment on stage felt something ethereal and otherworldly. It is a memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life as it certainly holds a special place in my heart. 

That being said, I would not have realised what art means to me and how captivated and contented I get whilst creating art if I had not participated in the best-out-of-waste competition. To be honest, I am delighted I took part in the activity because the event has a lot of meaning in my life and has practically initiated my journey towards becoming a professional artist. 

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