TOEFL Writing Topics: A diet with little or no meat is the most healthy.

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A diet with little or no meat is the most healthy.

Q- Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A diet with little or no meat is the most healthy. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Do not use memorized examples.

Ans: A plant-based diet is not only more nutritional and cost-effective, but it also benefits one’s digestive system. I completely believe that a meat-free diet should be embraced into people’s dietary habits today which will eventually aid in the recuperation of the gut system from the harm incurred by the use of meat or animal-based products over the years. 


Today, animal or meat-based products are excessively doctored, which means they are infused with harmful chemicals and preservatives that not only hamper one’s overall health but can also cause lifelong damage once consumed. Meat consumption should be avoided because digesting meat puts a toll on the gut system, which can disrupt it and open the door to a variety of ailments and health difficulties. A vegetable-based diet, on the other hand, is believed to balance the harmony and temperature of the body by keeping your gastrointestinal system happy.  People who eat a lot of meat-based products or meat in general miss out on numerous key nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that they would get from a plant-based diet which are essential for bolstering an individual’s immune system and preventing ailments. 

Furthermore, plant or vegetable-based diets are not only perfect for the calorie-conscious, but they are also more cost-effective and healthier than the conventional meat-based diet. People who consume meat on a regular basis may develop disorders such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, high cholesterol, and brain haemorrhage. This is why I believe there is an imminent need for people to adopt a plant-based diet into their lifestyles. Plant-based diets, due to their high antioxidant content, can also work as cancer deterrents.  

To summarise, a plant-based diet will not only extend your longevity and life expectancy, but it will also improve the quality of your general health and well-being when compared to a meat-based diet. As a result, embracing a diet with little or no meat is the healthiest alternative available. 

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