IELTS Speaking Topics: Describe a time when you taught a friend or relative something.

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Describe a time when you taught a friend or relative something.

Q- Describe a time when you taught a friend or relative something. You should say:

  • who you taught
  • what you taught
  • how the result was
  • and explain how you felt about the experience

Ans: I remember a time when I taught my younger cousin how to ride a bicycle. She had just received a new bicycle for her birthday, but she was hesitant and unsure about how to ride it. I decided to take on the role of her instructor and guide her through the process.


Firstly, I taught her the basics of balancing and pedaling. I explained the importance of keeping her body centered and maintaining a steady speed. I also emphasized the need to use the brakes properly and to always wear a helmet for safety. I encouraged her to practice in an open, empty space to build her confidence.

During the first few attempts, she wobbled and struggled to maintain her balance. However, with each try, she gradually improved. I offered her support and guidance, holding onto the back of the bicycle to help her stabilize. It was a challenging task for both of us, but we persisted, and her determination was inspiring.

After several practice sessions, there was a breakthrough moment. She managed to ride the bicycle independently for a short distance without any assistance. The joy on her face was priceless, and I couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in witnessing her progress. It was a gratifying experience to see her overcome her initial fears and gain confidence in her abilities.

To build her confidence, I encouraged her to step up and take on the challenge of riding the bicycle. I motivated her to believe in her abilities and push herself to overcome any initial fears or doubts. During the practice sessions, I cheered her on and provided constant support. I offered words of encouragement and praised her efforts, which helped boost her motivation and determination.

Overall, teaching my younger cousin how to ride a bicycle was a rewarding experience. Witnessing her progress and eventual success filled me with a sense of pride and joy. It taught me the importance of patience, encouragement, and perseverance. It also reminded me of the joy that comes from sharing knowledge and helping others acquire new skills.

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