How to Prepare For the GRE Exam at Home? 

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How to Prepare For the GRE Exam at Home? 

So you want to ace the GRE Exam and pass with flying colours but aren’t sure how to prepare for it at home? Fret no more, because this article will show you the path to acquiring higher GRE scores. For some, preparing for the GRE exam might be a daunting process. This sensation of precariousness can be accentuated if you want to prepare for the GRE without the assistance of others and prefer to do so from the comfort of your own home. This article will provide you with some pointers or tips on how to study for the GRE at home

Name of the TestGRE
Full Form Graduate Record Examinations 
Duration 3 hours 45 minutes (general)
3 hours 40 minutes (paper-based) 
ModeOnline (computer-based) 
Offline  (paper-based) 

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Best Tips for Effective GRE Preparation at Home

Just like any other aptitude or proficiency test, the GRE exam requires candidates to show a  certain extent of competency and cognitive prowess. The GRE exam is predominantly administered to gauge or assess individuals who wish to pursue graduate or professional courses at international universities/institutions. The exam is also conducted with the aim of assessing one’s aptitude level and executive functioning skills, namely data analysis, problem-solving skills and analytical skills. One way of ensuring great results in the GRE exam is by segregating information on the basis of their priority prior to commencing full-blown GRE preparation at home. Here are some of the best tips for effective GRE preparation at home. 

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One of the finest strategies to achieve good GRE scores is to improve one’s knowledge and widen one’s horizons as much as possible through the practice of daily reading. This practice can eventually assist one in mastering their GRE verbal sections, which need candidates to demonstrate their knowledge to a certain extent. One piece of advice for GRE candidates would be to put their knowledge to use in the form of academic writing. Reading, particularly nonfiction literature, will also assist one in acing the GRE’s reading sections, which require an individual to be a competent reader. 

Stick To Your Plan

One of the most important aspects of GRE preparation is developing an appropriate and viable timetable or schedule to which one may stick in order to achieve the best outcomes. It is critical, though, to keep to the strategy and work on it on a regular basis. Following a systematic plan or schedule can help one simplify or mitigate some of the complexities around preparation and pave the way for candidates to sail smoothly. A well-structured plan can assist in gaining a strong understanding of the exam and its nuances. Make a mental note to create a schedule that is feasible to follow, i.e., something realistic and achievable. Unachievable goals will simply impede one’s progress and may lead to demotivation. This way, one may also ensure that they are consistent with their preparation, which is critical to GRE exam performance. 

Take Practice Tests

Taking practice tests or taking as many mock tests as possible might help one obtain a thorough understanding of the GRE exam’s format/structure, the types of questions that may be asked, the length of the exam, and other exam complexities. This will essentially assist one improving their speed and accuracy, as well as their confidence in their answers. It is one of the finest strategies to deal with the exam’s time restraints or restrictions, as practice tests can assist one in bolstering their pacing. It is also an excellent approach to improving one’s test endurance.

Know your Weaknesses

It is critical to recognise the areas where one falls short. This will allow individuals to focus on and improve their weak points in order to bolster their chances of obtaining higher GRE scores. This can be accomplished by taking several mock tests or GRE practice sets. For example, if a person is struggling with concepts and fundamentals in Mathematics, he or she should prioritise those areas over others in which they are already proficient.

This will save a lot of time and energy, as well as provide ample time to correct mistakes and be better prepared to tackle difficult questions on the GRE exam. 

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Best GRE Books Of 2023

If you are interested in taking the GRE Exam through preparation alone at home, books can be your closest friend. They are quite important in the preparation of prospective candidates who want to bag high scores. This is why it is critical that you choose the best available books on the market that are not only up to date with the most recent curriculum or syllabus but also include extensive information that is comprehensible and coherent to read. Here are the top picks of 2023 that can help you ace your GRE Exam. 

Name of BookName of Author/Publisher Price Purchase Link 
Gre Prep Plus 2024Kaplan Test PrepINR 3,147Click Here 
Princeton Review GRE Premium PrepThe Princeton Review INR 1,399Click Here 
GRE Prep 2022Joshua RuedaINR 3,508Click Here
GRE Prep by Magoosh PaperbackMagoosh INR 1,535Click Here 
5 lb. Book of GRE Practice ProblemsManhattan PrepINR 2,440Click here 


How long does it take to prepare for the GRE?

The ideal duration suggested by experts that is required for the preparation of the GRE Exam is between 4 to 12 weeks. That being said, one must not rush their preparation and take as much time as needed to be completely confident in their preparation. 

Can someone prepare for the GRE in 1 month?

Although it is not recommended, one month will suffice to prepare for the GRE exam. However, prior to commencing preparation, one must construct a viable schedule. Individuals will be able to pursue their goals more effectively as a consequence of this. 

What is the hardest part of the GRE?

The advanced vocabulary section of the GRE exam has posed a major challenge to many aspirants over time. That being said, one must prepare well for the verbal sections as well as the vocabulary segments as they require candidates to hold a certain extent of knowledge. To ace these sections, one must inculcate the habit of daily reading in their preparation schedule. 

The GRE examination can serve as a gateway for people seeking to enrol in lucrative graduate and professional programmes at the world’s top universities. The exam’s difficulty level ranges from moderate to severe, so it is critical to prepare thoroughly for the exam. Due to the large number of applications received each year for the GRE exam, the exam is extremely competitive, necessitating one’s best efforts in their preparation.

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