IELTS Reading Vocabulary: Topic-Wise Vocabulary List, Best Books

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IELTS Reading Vocabulary: Topic-Wise Vocabulary List, Best Books

IELTS Reading Vocabulary: IELTS reading vocabulary plays a vital role in ensuring that test takers can come up with solid responses in the IELTS reading section. Having a stronghold of IELTS reading vocabulary can not only enable you to interpret the questions but also construe eloquent answers that are well articulated, coherent, and comprehensible. Moreover, if you are planning to study abroad, then IELTS reading vocabulary will help you score marks in the IELTS exam


Let’s say, for example, that you belong to a nation where English isn’t the native language and you decide to pursue your higher education in another country where English is predominantly spoken. Now, if you try to socialise with your peers who are native English speakers and are unable to convey your thoughts and opinions, don’t you think you’ll be in quite a predicament? This is where IELTS reading vocabulary will come into play. Now that you know why students must keep abreast of the IELTS Reading vocabulary, read the entire article to learn more about IELTS Reading vocabulary.

Top 10 Vocabulary Words for IELTS Reading   

IELTS reading tasks require test takers to respond well after reading and interpreting the texts provided. Now, it might be difficult for test takers to formulate their responses into meaningful and comprehensible words that convey their thinking.

 This is where the IELTS reading vocabulary comes into play. To provide credible responses, test takers must be familiar with the most regularly used IELTS reading vocabulary. Have a look. 

Vocabulary  Meaning Example 
AbandonA lack of control or restraint, DesertThe house has been abandoned for years. 
AbbreviationA shortened form of a nameThe chemical symbol Ag is an abbreviation of the Latin word for silver. 
AbolishTo get rid of it in an official wayThe government ought to abolish the tax altogether. 
AbridgeTo make something shorter while keeping the same meaningThe book was abridged for children. 
BiasSupporting or opposing a particular person or thing in an unfair way She is biased towards him. 
Breach An act of breaking or failing to follow a law Your actions can be counted as a breach of law in the country. 
BurgeonGrow, increase, expand or develop quickly His pain soon burgeoned with time. 
CausticCapable of burning, Corroding Your actions can be counted as a breach of law in the country. 
ChagrinA feeling of being very annoyed, disappointed His actions left me feeling chagrin in the end. 
DefileTo spoil something by making it less pure; to corrupt Do not defile the soil with excessive preservatives and chemicals. 

Topic-wise IELTS Reading Vocabulary List 2024

Students intending to pursue their education overseas are advised to take their IELTS Test. Partaking in the said test can help candidates prove their proficiency in the English Language. Aspirants can refer to the following terms to enhance their stronghold in English Vocabulary.


The following terms are predominantly used in the domain of travel. Individuals can refer to them to ace their IELTS Exam. 

TourismThe business of offering services to tourists visiting a location.
Take offTo fly 
FreewayA two-lane highway
CruiseTravelling by boat with a group of vacationers.


The following terms are predominantly used in the academic domain. Individuals can refer to them to ace their IELTS Exam. 

Academic yearIt is the period during which students attend university or school.
AssignmentIt is a task delegated by authoritative individuals.
CreditIt is the acknowledgement of having completed a course.
CurriculumIt refers to the disciplines that make up a course of study.

Information Technology

The following terms are predominantly used in the world of Information Technology. Individuals can refer to them to ace their IELTS Exam. 

CommercialRelated to buying and selling.
CouponA small piece of paper used to purchase goods at a lower price.
Eye-CatcherSomething that attracts someone’s attention.
FeaturesA noticeable part of something, 

Business and Work 

The use of the following terms is prevalent in business and professional work. Individuals can refer to them to ace their IELTS Exam. 

Word(s) Meaning 
Bonus A payment that is added to what is usual.
Dismiss Leaving the place.
Employer Company
Interview A formal meeting between a candidate and the employer to find out if he/she is suitable for a job.

Food, Diet and Fitness

The following terms are predominantly used in the realm of nutrition and fitness. Individuals can refer to them to ace their IELTS Exam. 

Abnormal Not looking normal.
Ache Pain
Achievement The act of accomplishing something.
GeneticsThe study of heredity and variations in human organisms.

The Arts and Culture

The following terms are predominantly used in the field of arts. Individuals can refer to them to ace their IELTS Exam. 

PreserveKeeping something safe.
RitualsAn action or process which is done for a purpose.
ParadesA group of people walking for a cause.
SocialiseConnecting with people.

Environment and Science

The use of the following terms is prevalent in the scientific domain. Individuals can refer to them to ace their IELTS Exam. 

DeforestationCutting down trees
CultivateUse land for growing plants 
WetlandAn area of land that is always wet
OxidisedTo combine or make something with oxygen


The following terms are predominantly used in the world of fashion. Individuals can refer to them to ace their IELTS Exam. 

Casual Look A dress code that looks relaxed and suitable for daily use.
Outfit A set of clothes worn for an occasion.
WardrobeA person’s collection of clothes.

What are the Best Books for IELTS Reading Vocabulary?  

A stronghold on vocabulary plays a crucial role in excelling in the IELTS Reading section. To enhance and broaden your range of vocabulary, you must integrate new words and phrases seamlessly into your daily communication. However, merely memorising phrases or terms is insufficient. You should actively incorporate them into your spoken and written content. Every encounter with an intriguing word presents an opportunity to expand your vocabulary. Embracing this practice can help you cultivate a rich and dynamic vocabulary that bolsters your chances of scoring better in IELTS Reading.

When it comes to books for IELTS Reading Vocabulary, there are a myriad of options available out there. But as it is a matter of one’s future, only the best should be opted for. That being said, we have curated and shortlisted a bunch of books for you to refer to, so that you don’t have to search further. Have a look. 

Name of the BookAuthor/PublisherPrice
The Ultimate Vocabulary Builder for IELTS & TOEFL Parthesh Thakkar INR 150
IELTS Band 9 Vocabulary SecretsCambridge IELTS INR 199
Four Week IELTS Vocabulary ChallengeAmanpreet Kaur INR 293
IELTS Topic VocabularyPeter KillingleyINR 635

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your IELTS Reading Vocabulary

The process of memorising new terms may seem arduous and daunting at first, but with patience and practice, one can significantly broaden their vocabulary. However, certain hacks may be used to make the procedure simpler as well as convenient. Have a look.  


  • Always keep a notebook nearby when learning new terms. This will make it easier for you to remember them. 
  • To improve one’s vocabulary, one must frequently compose letters, blogs, essays, and other types of writing.


  • Listening to the regular discussions of those around you is an excellent approach to expanding your vocabulary. 
  • Make a mental note to use any intriguing terms you come across later. Understanding the word, its many uses and the context in which it can be employed are essential.


Reading is the finest way to discover new and exciting words. To improve your vocabulary, start by reading newspapers, essays, magazines, and novels. You may come across a term that you are unfamiliar with, but owing to the context, you will gain an understanding of its meaning. This can help you apply them in a comparable but distinct context. 

Vocabulary, which is regarded as the essence of a language, can be a lifeline for students seeking education abroad. A solid command of the language indicates that the student can communicate and talk more effectively. 

Importance of Good Vocabulary

Vocabulary, which is considered the crux of a language, can be a saving grace for students seeking education overseas. A strong command of language means that the student will be able to articulate and speak more effectively. This is due to the fact that the communication of intangible aspects such as sentiments or ideas requires words to provide them with some form of coherence and structure.

Communication may be the only means for students studying abroad to socialise with peers. In such cases, a strong vocabulary can allow them to communicate fluently and give them the confidence to express their feelings and views. 

So that was all about IELTS Reading vocabulary. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic.

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How many questions are in the IELTS reading?

The IELTS Reading test contains 40 questions.

How to score better in IELTS reading? 

Crack the IELTS reading section by strategically pre-reading the questions, systematically highlighting keywords throughout the passages, and carefully analysing the information presented in the introductions and conclusions.

What are the best books for IELTS Reading? 

IELTS Academic Reading, IELTS Reading Companion Academic Module 2024, and IELTS Academic 15 Reading Practice Tests are some of the best books for IELTS Reading. 

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