IELTS Listening Topic: Listening Task 23 (Diagram Labelling)

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Listening Task 23 (Diagram Labelling)

Listen to the audio below and answer the following Diagram Labelling to boost your listening skills 👇.


Before answering these questions, look at the instructions and techniques below. 👇

Detailed Instructions for IELTS Listening Diagram Labelling.

The goal when labelling a map is to bridge the information heard during the listening exercise with the empty spaces on the map.

In certain instances, maps provide a list of words, and your task is to select the appropriate word to fill in the map. Alternatively, on occasion, you will encounter maps with gaps that require you to listen attentively and select the correct word based on the information you hear.

Tips to Remember

  1. Read the instructions carefully.
  2. Familiarize yourself with location-related terminology.
  3. Grasp the context – pay close attention to the initial part of the speech, as the speaker will provide you with contextual information, such as your current location, that will assist you in comprehending the presentation.
  4. Be alert to additional hints within the map, such as a compass symbol in the corner indicating the cardinal directions – ‘North,’ ‘South,’ ‘East,’ and ‘West.’ This suggests that these terms are likely to be used for guidance, so be attentive and listen for them.

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