IELTS Daily Speaking Topic – Speaking Part 3: People in the News (Follow-up Discussion)

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IELTS Daily Speaking Topic - Speaking Part 3: People in the News (Follow-up Discussion)

Discussion Topics

  1. Achievement and Controversies
  2. Public image of the person
  3. News coverage 

Follow-up questions

1. Achievement and Controversies

Q.1. What are the good things about being famous? Are there any disadvantages? 

Ans. Being famous has its perks such as receiving admiration, recognition, and opportunities to connect with influential people. It also comes with financial benefits and the ability to use your platform for important causes. However, there are also disadvantages such as loss of privacy, constant scrutiny, and the pressure to maintain a certain image. It can also be emotionally taxing to deal with rumors and negative comments from the public or the media.


Q.2. How do you think controversy affects the way society views a famous person’s achievements?

Ans. Controversy can have a significant impact on the way society views a famous person’s achievements. Depending on the severity and nature of the controversy, it may overshadow their accomplishments and cause people to view them in a negative light. In some cases, the controversy may even result in the person’s achievements being completely disregarded or dismissed. Conversely, some people may still view the person’s accomplishmentsas significant and separate from their personal controversies. 

2. Public image of the person

Q.1 What are some factors that can influence the public image of a person, and how can someone manage their image effectively in today’s media landscape?

Ans. Factors like behavior, appearance, and media portrayal influence a person’s public image. To manage their image well, individuals should be mindful of their social media presence, avoid controversy, dress appropriately, and engage in activities that align with their values. Building a strong personal brand and engaging with their audience can also help. By taking control of their public image, individuals can establish a positive reputation and build trust with their audience, which is beneficial for personal and professional goals.

Q.2. Do you think it’s important for public figures to maintain a positive public image? Why or why not?

Ans. In my opinion, public figures need to maintain a positive public image because they are often seen as role models and influencers in society. Their actions and words can have a significant impact on the public, especially on younger generations. A positive public image can help to build trust and credibility with their audience, which is crucial for their success as public figures. However, it is also important for public figures to be authentic to themselves, rather than just trying to please everyone. At the end of the day, their actions and words should align with their values and beliefs.

3. News coverage 

Q.1. How does the media in your country treat famous people?

Ans. In India, the media tends to treat famous people with a great deal of attention and scrutiny. Celebrities, politicians, and other public figures are often in the spotlight, with their personal and professional lives being closely followed and reported on. This can sometimes lead to an invasion of privacy, as every action they take is under constant observation. Media also highlights positive achievements and contributions, which can lead to increased admiration and respect among the public. Overall, while the media’s treatment of famous people in India can be intense and invasive at times, it is a reflection of the public’s interest in these individuals. 

Q.2.  Why do you think ordinary people are interested in the lives of famous people? 

Ans. Ordinary people might be interested in the lives of famous people for a variety of reasons. Famous individuals often achieve a high level of success in their respective fields, such as acting, sports, politics, or business. Their stories of success, overcoming obstacles, and achieving their dreams can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation. For instance, people are intrigued by the journey of the legendary actor Shah Rukh Khan, who rose from a middle-class background to become one of the wealthiest and most successful actors globally.The obstacles he overcame serve as an inspiration for those facing challenges in their own lives.Additionally, the lives of famous people can seem glamorous and exciting compared to ordinary life, providing a form of entertainment.The public is naturally curious about the personal lives of celebrities and is thus drawn to knowing more about their families, relationships, and lifestyles.

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