IELTS Daily Speaking Topic – Speaking Part 3: Desired change to your Local Area (Follow-up Questions)

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IELTS Daily Speaking Topic - Speaking Part 3: Desired change to your Local Area (Follow-up Questions)

Discussion Topics

  1. Changes in Infrastructure
  2. Improvement in Environmental conditions
  3. Safety of People

Follow-up questions

1. Changes in Infrastructure

Q.1. What are the different types of infrastructure improvements you would like to see in your local area?

Ans. One of the changes that I would like to see implemented in my locality would be the improvement of the infrastructure, such as widened and well-maintained roads that can accommodate vehicles without causing traffic jams. In addition, we need more public parks and green spaces for the recreation of children, adults, and elders to promote healthy lifestyles among the residents. Moreover, I feel that our local area can have better waste management facilities to ensure cleanliness and hygiene are maintained.


Q.2. What difference do you think these facilities can make?

Ans. These improved road facilities can smoothen transportation by reducing travel time. It will also make everything safer by preventing unnecessary accidents. Green spaces and public spaces will not only act as a place for people to relax and exercise but also help maintain the cleanliness and serenity of the environment by reducing air pollution. A better waste management system is important to prevent littering and maintain cleanliness. Such improvements can help improve the overall living conditions of the area.

2. Improvement in Environmental conditions

Q.1 How would you improve the environmental conditions in your local area?

Ans. To improve the environmental conditions of my local area, I would advocate for planting more trees and the creation of green space. This will help in improving air quality and provide habitat for local animals. Apart from that, I would like to implement stricter regulations on waste disposal and encourage recycling programs to reduce pollution. Lastly, solar panels and wind turbines can be installed to use renewable energy and reduce the usage of fossil fuels.

Q.2.  What steps one must take to promote sustainability?

Ans. I think a combination of education, policy changes, and community involvement is needed to promote sustainability in local areas. Firstly, education is one of the primary resources to raise awareness in people about making environmentally friendly choices in their daily lives. Concerning policy changes, incentives for businesses that use sustainable practices, stricter environmental regulations, and investment in renewable energy sources can be included. Finally, community involvement is important for initiatives such as community gardens, recycling programs, and local clean-up days. 

3. Safety of People

Q.1.  How can safety be improved in your local area?

Ans. I firmly believe that certain measures, if taken, can improve safety in my local area. This can be achieved by installing more street lights to make the area safer during nighttime and stop any future criminal activities. A neighbourhood watch program could be established to encourage residents to look out for each other and report any suspicious activity. Traffic safety can also be improved by keeping the speed limit, installing speed breakers wherever necessary, and making sure pedestrian crossings are marked.

Q.2.  What measures can be taken to ensure the security of the residents?

Ans. To ensure the security of residents, it is beneficial to have a visible and active local police presence. Regular patrols can help residents feel safer.  Another measure could be fostering community involvement and collaboration which cultivates a sense of community and discourages potential wrongdoers. Additionally, installing CCTV cameras in key areas can offer added security and serve as a deterrent to would-be criminals. Finally, urging residents to use high-quality locks and, if possible, alarm systems can also help create a safer community.

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