10 March: IELTS Listening Topics – Listening Task 17 (Note Completion)

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Learn how to answer IELTS Listening Topic-- Listening Task 17 Note Completion

Listen to the audio below and answer the following Note Completion questions to boost your listening skills 👇.

Before answering these questions, look at the instructions and techniques below 👇

Detailed Instructions for IELTS Listening Note Completion

All listening sections (1–4) have note completion questions that simply ask you to finish the note by filling in the blanks with the appropriate responses from the listening section. The major themes raised in the chats or monologues are typically covered in the note. The primary themes in sections 3 and 4 are frequently crucial academic notions and facts.

Techniques to Remember

  • Pay close attention to the instructions. Do not exceed the word limit.
  • Before the recording begins, take a close look at the note.
  • Try to anticipate what you will hear. For instance, a noun, adjective, verb and so on. 
  • Consider vocabulary as well as a grammatical structure while writing your answer.
  • Respond to the questions as you listen.
  • In case you miss any, guess the answer. Don’t leave out blank spaces. There is no negative marking.

Complete the notes below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

At home:

+ Doors:        ask 16…………. to put lock on bedroom door

+ Windows:   – install extra locks and close 17……. 24 hours

                      – if frightened, tell someone in hall, 18…… at the Union

Going home:

– two late regular night minibuses – priority for 19……….

– don’t be alone is 20…….. rule for safety

Check out the correct answer given below👇 in the PDF.

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