TOEFL Preparation Tips for Beginners

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TOEFL preparation

TOEFL preparation tips are very useful for students who are willing to study abroad and want to take up the TOEFL examination. We know how intimidating it can be for students to give the examination. Not to worry, we have curated preparation tips for students who are planning to appear for the TOEFL examination as a beginner. 


TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Langauge is an English language test that is accepted all around the world. Recently the test pattern has undergone some major changes in terms of duration and number of tasks. There are four sections in the examination Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing and apart from the speaking section all of them have experienced some changes. The blog article will guide beginners in TOEFL preparation. 

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Top 7 TOEFL Preparation Tips for Beginners 

As with almost any work, calming your anxiety can be achieved by properly preparing and becoming familiar with the procedure. You can effectively prepare for your TOEFL test, take it with confidence, and pass it like a pro by following tested strategies.

We have mentioned some tips for the students who are appearing for the TOEFL examination. Students can find them below. 

Get Familiar with Exam Pattern

Take some time to familiarise yourself with the New TOEFL Exam Pattern and to gather any information you require by visiting the official TOEFL website. The exam duration has now been reduced to 1 hour 56 minutes and the duration of other tasks has been adjusted accordingly.

iBT or internet-based testing, and paper-based testing are the two methods to take the exam. The first option is likely what you’ll choose to do because it’s currently far more common.

New TOEFL Exam Pattern

Prepare a Study Plan 

Students will save so much time and accomplish so much more if they make a study plan and follow it. Instead of putting off studying for five hours, we advise them to just sit down and focus on it for one or two hours at a time.  

If the test is a few months away, they are advised to begin with just an hour per day, and as the test date approaches, you might increase this to two or three hours. Students can likewise lessen their workload in the final week before the test by only spending an hour or so honing their newly acquired skills.

Study from Preparation Guides

Many excellent TOEFL books are available online for students. Each student must own a study guide for the test. Obtaining a study guide is a great approach to further your TOEFL preparation. An excellent TOEFL book will guide you through each area, including helpful advice, hints for strategies, sample questions, notes and answers. 

English Proficiency Practise

Students can try listening to music, watching YouTube videos and movies. Reading different genres of books or novels can be fun for students. All these ways will lead you to learn more effectively. 

TOEFL preparation doesn’t have to be entirely TOEFL-specific. After all, this exam measures students’ real-world English proficiency, not only grammatical correctness. 

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Different Ways of Learning

Students can play Scrabble, 30 Seconds or Pictionary. Do whatever to make learning enjoyable and persistent. There are many ways to ease the learning process a little bit! The major advantage of making learning fun is that it makes it memorable. The impact is much bigger. 

Students’ exam preparation doesn’t have to be filled with constant pressure, discipline and focus at all times. 

Practise Mock Tests

Students must go for TOEFL practice tests and mock tests every week or two or you can also choose to set aside time every week for practising mock tests. This is the best technique to make yourself familiar with the exam pattern, gain experience and also give yourself a chance to hone your skills. 

Note Taking Hack 

During the exam, students will get one chance to listen to each audio clip before answering the questions. Writing at such speed can be difficult. We advise students to just briefly remember the keywords of the speech. By making notes on key info, it will be easier to piece the rest together logically in your head. 


What is the full form of TOEFL? 

The full form of TOEFL is the Test of English as a Foreign Langauge. 

How can beginners prepare for the TOEFL exam?

Students who are preparing for the TOEFL exam from scratch must take help from various sources such as study guides, ebooks, youtube videos, and podcasts. Students must also prepare a study plan for the exam preparation. 

Why is TOEFL conducted? 

The TOEFL exam is conducted to examine the English proficiency of students who are willing to study abroad. 

We suppose the preparation tips mentioned in the above article will be helpful for the students who are willing to appear for the TOEFL examination. Students must follow the mentioned guidelines/tips to prepare for the exam and ace the exam in just one go! There should be no scope to re-attempt the test. The first attempt should give you the results you are aiming for. 

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