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TOEFL Practice Test

TOEFL Practice Test: The Educational Testing Service (ETS) administers the TOEFL Exam annually to assess an individual’s ability in the English language. This highly acknowledged exam is one of the world’s most prominent English Proficiency Tests to study or work in English-speaking countries. The TOEFL iBT exam is divided into four sections: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. 


TOEFL Practise Tests can assist students in gaining a thorough understanding of the structure and pattern of the exam, allowing them to streamline their preparation. Solving practice tests will help you get an idea about the type(s) of questions that may be asked during the exam. As a result, individuals studying for the TOEFL Exam must ensure that they review and practise the most updated source material. 

Full-FormTest of English as a Foreign Language
Purpose English language proficiency test
Conducting BodyEducational Testing Service (ETS)
Generally accepted byUniversities in the USA and Canada
Level of ExamInternational
Mode of ExamInternet-based and Paper-based
Sections Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking
DurationAround 3 hours and 30 minutes

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TOEFL iBT Exam Updates 2023

ETS (Educational Testing Service) has introduced new changes in the TOEFL iBT Exam. The new exam duration for TOEFL is now 1 hour 56 minutes. The exam pattern is also changed to accommodate these changes. There is no change in the format of questions so the students can practice the same practice tests.

The duration of each section in the exam and the number of tasks and questions has changed and the students must practice accordingly. The type of question for the Writing Section independent task has changed and its sample is included in this blog.

Importance of Solving TOEFL Practice Tests

TOEFL applicants are advised to complete as many practice tests as possible in order to gain a thorough understanding of the prescribed exam patterns. This might assist individuals in developing their own preparation schedules. Following such timetables will assist applicants to make the best use of their time and energy.

Additionally, taking previous years’ TOEFL practice tests will help candidates approach the questions more effectively. To sum it up, practice examinations can help individuals optimise their study preparation by challenging them to make the best use of their time and resources. 

Solving TOEFL Practice Tests can help candidates: 

  • Create their own exam strategies.
  • Identify and rectify their shortcomings 

Having a sense of where you are lacking or falling short might help you expedite your preparation, giving you adequate time to improve those weaker aspects. 

TOEFL Exam Difficulty Level 2023

The question, “Which section of the TOEFL Exam is the most difficult?” does not have a single answer. Since the exam is a language competence test, it can be difficult to pinpoint one aspect of the exam that is tough.  In this instance, the level of difficulty for such an exam is subjective. However, we can still get a general understanding of the exam’s difficulty levels and how to properly prepare for it. 

Difficulty Level of TOEFL Reading Section

Candidates who want to ace their TOEFL Reading practice should prioritise ‘academic’ vocabulary. According to the previous year’s TOEFL question papers and exam patterns, it has been determined that the section primarily comprises questions pertaining to academic domains and subjects. As a result, students studying for the TOEFL Exam should prioritise learning university-level academic terminology in order to ace their Reading Sections. One way to prepare for the said section is to start reading articles related to academics. 

Difficulty Level of TOEFL Listening Section 

In comparison to other sections, the listening section is considered to be comparatively harder. In order to ace the TOEFL Listening practice, one must listen to the audio recordings with the utmost attention. It is critical for one to understand the gist of the recording and filter out the necessary information in order to answer the questions. Candidates are advised to make a habit of taking notes while attempting practice tests for the TOEFL Listening Section. This will improve your attention span and your ability to retain information. 

Difficulty Level of TOEFL Writing and Speaking Section

These sections have similar difficulty levels to the reading and listening sections. The only issue with such sections is the time limitation. Individuals must provide appropriate replies within a defined time limit. Candidates must deliver their answers in the form of essays and speeches after researching and rearranging the information provided. That is what makes it a little more challenging.

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New Sample Questions for Writing Task

The independent writing task has been replaced by the “Writing for an Academic Discussion” task. The students will be given a lecture along with the opinions of two students. All test takers are expected to write their own opinions and justify them with thoughtful arguments. Here are some samples to practice the new question in the TOEFL writing section. Test takers can practice on the 10 free questions provided by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). We have given the links to 10 important “Writing for an Academic Discussion” questions below to help candidates improve their preparation on the subject.

Test Link
Question 1Click Here
Question 2Click Here
Question 3Click Here
Question 4Click Here
Question 5Click Here
Question 6Click Here
Question 7Click Here
Question 8Click Here
Question 9Click Here
Question 10Click Here

Best Books For TOEFL Preparation 

You must use the best available sources to get adequate knowledge of the exam and its intricacies to ace the TOEFL Exam.  The books listed below will give you the necessary preparation for the TOEFL Exam. 

Name of the Book(s) Author/Publisher Buying Links
The Official Guide to the TOEFL iBT Test, Sixth EditionETSClick Here
TOEFL iBT Prep Plus 2020-2021Kaplan Click Here
TOEFL iBT Pamela J.SharpeClick Here
Essential Words for the TOEFL TestSteven J. MatthiesenClick Here
Official TOEFL iBT Tests Volume 1, Fourth EditionETSClick Here

TOEFL Preparation Tips

Exam success cannot be exclusively attributed to candidates’ level of preparation. A candidate should always be equipped with a few strategies to handle any difficult situation. Practice and assessment will only get you so far; your readiness will determine your capacity to outperform others. The calibre of your effort is more significant than the number of hours you put in during preparation. The following pointers can help you better prepare for the TOEFL Exam. 

  1. Candidates who are well-acquainted with the exam format and the pattern can create their own strategies for preparation. 
  2. Solving practice tests will give students an idea about the intricacies of the exam. It can help individuals be better prepared for their exams. 
  3. Candidates are advised to refer to the best available sources to get adequate knowledge of the exam and its intricacies.
  4. One must inculcate a habit of making notes while attempting practice tests. This will help them improve their ability to retain more information and also enhance their attention span. 
  5. Revision of the topics is crucial for one to enhance their chances of scoring higher in the TOEFL Exam. With sufficient study and practice, accuracy and efficiency can be increased.


When are the TOEFL scores released?

The candidates can expect to receive their TOEFL Test scores approximately after 1 week (or 6 days) of taking the exam.

Where can we take the TOEFL Test?

The TOEFL Test can be taken either from the stipulated test centres or in a remote-proctored mode in which the candidates can take this exam from the comfort of their homes. This remote-proctored TOEFL Test has been named the TOEFL iBT Home Edition. However, if one wishes to take the test offline, then, one can look for the nearby test centres on the official website.

What does TOEFL stand for?

TOEFL stands for “Test of English as a Foreign Language”.

What TOEFL score is good?

Any score above 100 in the TOEFL Test is considered to be a good TOEFL score.

TOEFL exam can be instrumental in securing admission to leading universities abroad. The exam is conducted to gauge one’s proficiency in the English Language. Decent TOEFL Scores can enhance your chances of securing admission to your dream institute. CLICK HERE for additional information on the TOEFL Practice Tests.

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