Hometown Vocabulary IELTS  

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Hometown Vocabulary IELTS

Hometown Vocabulary IELTS: Hometown Vocabulary covers a major portion of the IELTS Speaking assessment. Therefore, it is critical for aspirants to broaden and hone their vocabulary on the said topic to ace their IELTS Speaking section. Aspirants may be asked to describe, talk about, or characterise their hometown during the examination. The complexity of questions revolving around ‘Hometown’ ranges from easy to moderately challenging in the IELTS Speaking Section. Read through the article to know more about Hometown Vocabulary IELTS. 

List of IELTS Vocabulary on Hometown 

We all have a nostalgic or emotional tie with our hometown considering that is where most of us spent our youth. For many of us, our hometown plays a crucial role as it is where our foundations were laid. The topic addresses a significant portion of the IELTS Speaking Assessment. So much so that keeping abreast of the topic’s prevalent terminology can help you ace the round with ease. This will prevent you from getting stuck during the assessment. During the examination, candidates may be asked to describe, talk about, or characterise their hometown. Individuals sitting for the assessment can expect to be asked certain challenging questions pertaining to the topic of Hometown. For instance, the examiners can ask you to reminisce and describe some of your best recollections of your Hometown.  

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A strong vocabulary on the subject might help ensure a smooth assessment round. Examiners often evaluate candidates’ speaking skills based on their lexical resource or ability to use a wide range of words related to the topic with good implementation. This necessitates a thorough understanding of the subject’s language.  The Hometown vocabulary list below will help you ace your responses throughout the assessment stage. 

Term(s)- Hometown Meaning 
High-rise (adjective)Tall
High-rise (noun) Used to describe a building that is tall and has several floors.
For instance, a skyscraper. 
Pavement cafeA Cafe that is situated on the pavement with an extensive
sitting arrangement. 
Upmarket shopsAffluent and opulent shops.
Pop-up shopShops that are launched for some time. These shops are inaugurated
to reap the benefits of seasonal demands. 
Out-of-townA place situated on the outskirts of a town.
Boarded-up shopsA shop that has been inactive for a long time.  
OrchardEnclosed land with a plantation of lush green trees bearing fruits.  
VineyardPlantation of grapevines (for making wine). 
Mom-and-pop shopA cosy/independent business that is often run by a family. 

Why is Participating in the IELTS Exam Necessary? 

The IELTS Exam is predominantly conducted to evaluate an individual’s dexterity in the English language. Individuals who qualify for the exam are deemed eligible to apply to international universities (especially in English-speaking countries). The exam aims to arbitrate an individual’s English Writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. Now, those who wish to ace their IELTS Exam must hold a solid grasp of their English vocabulary.  

Affluence in Vocabulary is crucial for IELTS aspirants as it encompasses a major portion of the exam. It is true that some may find the exam to be arduous or tumultuous at times, but once qualified, the benefits that one may reap are tremendous. 


What are some IELTS vocabulary terms for describing locations?

 Some of the most common IELTS terms that one can use to describe a place are Cosmopolitan, Urban, Bustling, Lively, Hectic, Exquisite, Picturesque and so on. 

How to answer the IELTS speaking hometown vocabulary question?

IELTS examiners may ask you to describe or characterise your hometown. This will require you to implement some of the commonly used IELTS Hometown Vocabulary. The complexity of questions in this section may range from easy to moderately challenging. Apart from that, the examiner may even ask you to recollect some of the best memories of your hometown. This will require an advanced level of understanding of the IELTS Hometown Vocabulary.  

How to introduce your hometown in IELTS speaking section?

While introducing your hometown in the IELTS Speaking Section, you will be required to mention the name of your hometown, describe the place succinctly, characterise the location using IELTS vocabulary and give a general overview of the area. 

This was all about Hometown Vocabulary IELTS. To ace the IELTS Exam, one must have a stronghold of English lexical resources. The habit of implementing new words/phrases in day-to-day conversations can be a great practice for one to broaden their vocabulary skills.  However, enhancing one’s vocabulary takes more than just acquiring new words; it also entails developing the habit of using them regularly.

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