15+ Words Related To Food Vocabulary IELTS 

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Words Related To Food Vocabulary IELTS 

IELTS Speaking often asks about food vocabulary topics. Food Vocabulary IELTS can be asked in different ways such as what you like to eat, your favourite dish or restaurant or any international food you know about.


The IELTS speaking test is based on what you do daily in your leisure time and how you describe your life. To frame better responses, you can work on your food vocabulary and talk about what interests you. Doing so will help you to score a better band on the IELTS speaking test. This article will help you in knowing all about the food vocabulary IELTS.

When talking about food vocabulary, various topics can be covered such as cuisines, dishes, recipes, techniques, etc. Food Vocabulary IELTS can be divided into various sections. Below we have mentioned some popular food vocabulary sections.

  • Food tastes
  • Food quantities
  • Food verbs
  • Food types

When talking about words related to food, you much know what their definition is and where you have to use them. Candidates who are preparing for the IELTS can check the table given below to know the popular words related to food vocabulary IELTS.

FreshFood products which are recently preparedThe store around the corner has fresh curd today
BakeFood cooked with dry heat and without exposing it to flamesHe loves baking as he recently completed his nutrition course
GrillFood cooked using a grillKCF serves grilled chicken
SliceA small portion or partI will only eat a slice of cake as I am on a diet
SpoonfulAs much as a spoon can holdI consume one spoonful of sugar in coffee
DeliciousSomething very tastyThis dish is very delicious
SpicyFlavoured with spicesIndian foods are full of spicy ingredients
TastelessWithout any taste or flavourThis coffee house serves tasteless snacks
SavouryDelicious or TastyMy brother knows how to cook savoury food
CuisineA method or way of cooking specific to a region or areaIndian cuisines are served all around the world
Four-course meal1 mean consist of 4 parts: soup, appetiser, main course and dessertIndias serves four-course meals during a wedding
AppetiserThe food served after the soup and before the main courseCan you serve us something in Chinese as appetise
BarbequeFood cooked over an open fire on a special appliance or outdoorsBarbeque dishes first originated in Western nations
SwallowEating food without chewing itYou might choke yourself if you swallow food
BuffetA meal which includes various dishes that guests have to serve for themselvesBuffets serves some really delicious food
PoachCooking eggs without their outer shell in boiling waterPoached eggs taste better

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Food Vocabulary IELTS Samples

The IELTS speaking tests often includes questions related to food. The examiner might as what food you like the most, do you like cooking and if yes then why, what do you like to eat for dinner, etc. To help candidates in framing better answers for food vocabulary questions, here are some sample questions.

Examiner: What’s your favourite dish?

Answer: Although a like various cuisines, what amazes me the most is Indian dishes. Indian dishes are prepared by using so many natural ingredients which makes the food look good and taste better. Once a week I eat proper Indian cuisine which makes me feel satisfied and lifts up my mood.

Examiner: Do you like cooking?

Answer: I prefer to cook for myself because I avoid eating outside and junk food. Cooking has allowed me to eat healthily. When I cook for myself, I try to make it as nutritious as possible, because of which my health is so good. My cooking habits have been a huge help in maintaining my balanced diet. 

Examiner: what do you prefer eating for breakfast?

Answer: For breakfast, I mostly prefer eating protein-rich foods, like eggs and boiled chicken. Breaking is considered the most important meal of the day, so what I do is make it as healthier as possible. Sometimes a add other foods to my breakfast like a glass of orange juice, hot coffee, break toast and bacon.

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What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System, abbreviated as the IELTS test, is an English efficiency test, which is conducted to test the candidate’s proficiency in English.

Is the IELTS fee refundable?

No. The IELTS application fee, which is INR 15,500 is non-refundable. Candidates will have to pay this application fee every time they appear for the test.

How many sections are there in the IELTS test?

The IELTS test covers 4 different sections – Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. Candidates will have to attend all these sections to achieve the minimum score.

The International English Language Testing System, abbreviated as the IELTS test, is an English efficiency test, which is conducted to test the candidate’s proficiency in English. The IELTS vocabulary test often contains questions related to food and health. Candidates must prepare for the vocabulary section accordingly.

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