Study Abroad in Australia: Unique Student Identifier for International Students

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Unique student identifier
Unique Student Identifier is a mandate now for all international and higher education students in Australia says the Department of Education.

The Department of Education of Australia made Unique Student Identifier mandatory for all onshore students in Australia. The mandate started working on January 1st, 2023. It is an identification number that matches students’ online data to the vocational and higher education that they are pursuing. It is the record that the government would use to get to the actual number of students studying in the country.

Who requires a Unique Student Identifier?

The Department of Education mentions, “Onshore international students should be encouraged to acquire a USI as soon as possible”. International students who might be returning to the country, are being helped by customs to get a Unique Student Identifier. Both new and returning students would have to go through the same procedure to get the USI. This identification number would be created using the passport number and the visa for studying in Australia. These two documents would be considered the requisite ID for the process. However, the Government has exempted students who are enrolled here but are studying offshore. These international students would be conferred their degrees without the requirement of the unique student identifier. Students who have completed their degrees before January 1st, 2023 are also exempt from the same.

USI for VET Transcript

The Unique Student Identifier is important not just for the Government to keep a record of the degrees of the students. The students require the same to get their transcripts. They would require the same to get financial assistance from Commonwealth Nations while studying in Australia. The procedure is given below for reference.

  • Obtain a USI.
  • Keep a record of the received number.
  • Sign up with the requisite provider.
  • Use the USI to get the VET certification.
Unique Student Identifier

Thus, international students studying onshore in Australia can expect better governance while studying. The Government will also help them with Commonwealth financing which is an added advantage for these students.
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