Study Abroad: Increase in International Applications for UG Courses

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Study Abroad: Increase in International Applications for UG Courses
As per the Council of Graduate Schools, there are increased applications for the fourth year in a row for UG Graduate Courses. 

An increase of 26% in the total number of international graduate applications received by 370 institutions as per the data collected in a survey for the year 2021 and 2022 fall semesters. 

The total number of applications received was 9,83,385 from prospective overseas students. Also, the number of students who enrolled for first-time international graduate courses in fall 2022 was 1,12,705. 

There was a sudden increase in applications for masters and doctoral programs as per USA universities and colleges. Also, these were specifically from India and Sub-Saharan Africa. Along with the applications from Indians increased by 58% as compared to the previous year.

Additionally, the bulk of applications received were from 38% (India); 25% (China); whereas 10% were from Sub-Saharan Africa. As per the report sustained growth from parts of Africa may correspond with the continuous development of regional efforts and economic growth that would allow international mobility and financial support.

Study Abroad: Increase in International Applications for UG Courses

As per the previous report, China remains the top sending country but demand decreased for the second year in a row, falling by 3%.

It was also found that international students are less likely to enrol in remote-only programs, coming out of the pandemic but enrollment in hybrid and mixed delivery offerings has aroused since 2020.

Moreover, enrollments for master’s and certificate programs that delivered mixed/hybrid courses increased from 17,000 in the fall semester of 2020 in comparison to 52,000 in the fall semester of 2022.

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