TOEFL Exam Fee Structure 2023

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TOEFL Exam Fee Structure

TOEFL is one of the most accepted English proficiency examinations. It is conducted by the Educational Testing Service to measure a candidate’s English language skills. Approximately 200 countries around the world accept the TOEFL exam results. During admissions abroad, universities seek proof of English language proficiency from students. Here the TOEFL exam results come in handy. Keep reading to learn more about the TOEFL exam and the TOEFL exam fees.


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Why take the TOEFL Exam?

TOEFL examination is a widely accepted English proficiency test. There are plenty of reasons why students choose the TOEFL exam. These are as follows:

  • The TOEFL examination results have worldwide acceptance. That is, more than 12,000 universities  accept the TOEFL results
  • Students can choose to take the TOEFL examination either at home or at a test centre
  • Quicker registration, exam scheduling, free practice materials, and shorter duration 
  • Get the official scores as soon as 4–8 days after the test. The Paper Edition test results are available in 11–13 business days. Moreover, the TOEFL exam fee is also less.

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TOEFL Exam Fee 2023

The TOEFL exam fee for registration can vary on the basis of the location of the candidate. The TOEFL examination fee for an Indian student is INR 16,900. However, the fee does not include other charges such as fees for late registration, rescheduling, or score review, Extra TOEFL exam fee will be charged for the same.

Types of FeesFees in US DollarsThe fee is Indian Rupees 
(as of Feb, 2023)
TOEFL iBT Paper Edition$195INR 16,900
TOEFL Home Edition$195INR 16,900
TOEFL iBT $195INR 16,900
TOEFL Essentials Test$20INR 1,655

TOEFL Exam Other Fees 2023 

The TOEFL exam fee is INR 16,900. However, the charges for late registration, rescheduling, reinstatement of cancelled scores, etc. would be extra. Hence, we have provided the TOEFL exam and other fees for your convenience. Students will have to pay for the extra services provided by ETS. The extra TOEFL fees for late registration, Rescheduling, Reinstatement of cancelled scores, Additional score reports, Speaking or Writing Section score review, and Returned payment are as follows.

Late registrationUS$40/INR 3,328.91
Reinstatement of cancelled scoresUS$20/INR 1,664.45
ReschedulingUS$60/INR 4,993.36
Speaking or Writing Section score reviewUS$80/INR 6,657.82 
Additional score reports (per institution or agency)US$20 each/INR 1,664.45
Speaking and Writing Section score reviewUS$160/ INR 13,316.66
Returned paymentUS$30/INR 2,496.87

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Modes of Payment for TOEFL Exam Fee

The TOEFL exam fee can be paid in 3 ways. The acceptable methods of registration fees are as follows:

  • ETS account using debit/credit card/PayPal/E-check
  • Pay by phone using debit/credit card/e-check
  • Mail using debit/credit card/money order/paper check

Acceptable credit /debit cards

The following are the acceptable credit/debit cards for the payment of registration fee:

  • Discover
  • American Express
  • VISA
  • JCB
  • Diners Club
  • RuPay
  • MasterCard

Unacceptable forms of payment

Certain modes of payment are completely unacceptable. These unacceptable modes of payment are as follows:

  • Cash or demand drafts
  • Receipts for bank checks
  • Post-dated check
  • UNESCO coupons


How much is the TOEFL exam fee?

The TOEFL exam fee differs on the basis of the location of the candidate. For example, in the US the TOEFL exam fee is  $225. The TOEFL exam fee for the TOEFL ITP Plus test is $120. Outside the US the fee is different.

Is 79 a good score in TOEFL?

A TOEFL score of 78-79 can help a student to take admission to leading universities. However, a good TOEFL score is between 85-95. Moreover, a score above 100 is considered to be excellent.

Can I take TOEFL for free?

No. TOEFL examination cannot be taken for free. There is a registration fee that a student has to pay. The fee ranges between $ 140 – $ 185 depending on the test taker’s location.

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