Duolingo Daily Writing Topic- Do you believe that zoos are ethical?

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Duolingo Daily Writing Topic- Do you believe that zoos are ethical?

Q. Do you believe that zoos are ethical? Why or why not?

Ans. I believe keeping zoos is unethical for several reasons. Firstly, animals in zoos are often confined to small spaces that do not replicate their natural environments, causing physical and psychological stress. For example, large animals like elephants require extensive territories to roam, which zoos cannot provide, leading to signs of distress in these animals. Secondly, zoos frequently prioritize human entertainment over animal welfare by forcing animals to perform tricks or remain on display for prolonged periods, disrupting their natural behaviours.


This exploitation for profit undermines the ethical treatment of animals. Additionally, zoo breeding programs often prioritize creating attractions over genuine conservation efforts. Many animals born in captivity cannot be released into the wild, rendering these programs ineffective for true wildlife preservation. Therefore, I believe that zoos are not an ethical way to treat animals.

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