Duolingo Daily Topic: Interactive Writing (Team Work)

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Duolingo Daily Topic: Interactive Writing (Team Work)

Q. Think about a time when you had to work as part of a team.

Ans. I remember during my final year in college, I had to work as a part of a team. Our task was to develop a marketing strategy for a local business. I had to work as part of a team to develop a marketing strategy for a local business. Our team consisted of five members, each of them having unique strengths and skills. I was responsible for conducting market research and analysing competitors.


We used to meet regularly, discuss our progress and brainstorm ideas. We faced numerous challenges such as conflicting ideas and tight deadlines, but we resolved them by listening to each other and finding common ground. By dividing the work according to each person’s expertise, we were able to complete the project efficiently. In the end, our combined efforts resulted in a well-rounded and innovative marketing plan, which received high praise from our professor. This experience taught me the value of teamwork, cooperation, and leveraging individual strengths.

Follow-Up Questions

Can you describe a specific challenge your team faced during the project and how you contributed to overcoming it?

Ans. One specific challenge we faced was differing opinions on the marketing strategy. Some members wanted to focus on social media, while others preferred traditional methods. I facilitated a meeting where we discussed the pros and cons of each approach. By presenting data from my market research, I helped the team reach a compromise, incorporating both strategies, which ultimately strengthened our final plan.

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