Duolingo Daily Writing Topic- Describe behaviours that are important for success in school.

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Duolingo Daily Writing Topic- Describe behaviours that are important for success in school.

Q. Describe behaviours that are important for success in school. Why are these behaviours important? How would some of these behaviours help you? Use examples from personal experience and observations to explain your perspective.

Ans. Success in school is not just about academic excellence, but it is also about cultivating certain behaviours that can contribute to overall development. From my perspective, three key behaviours are crucial for success in school and these include discipline, curiosity and collaboration. 


Firstly, discipline is the cornerstone of success as it involves adhering to a certain set of schedules, such as completing assignments on time, and respecting time. For example, in my school days, I used to have a rigorous schedule which included school, homework, extracurricular activities and personal time. And I made it to a point where I would complete my homework before 8 PM, no matter how tempting it was to watch TV or play games. This discipline helped me manage my time effectively and ensured that I never missed any deadline. 

Secondly, curiosity drives learning beyond the classroom. Curious students ask questions, seek answers and strive to understand concepts at a deeper level. For example, during my science classes, I often used to find myself intrigued by the intricacies of human anatomy. This curiosity led me to read additional resources, enhancing my understanding and interest in the subject. 

Lastly, collaboration is very essential in a school environment. Working in teams for projects or group studies promotes a sense of community, teaches students to respect diverse opinions, and develops problem-solving skills. For example, during one of my school projects on environmental conservation, I was part of a team that had very different ideas and perspectives than me. Initially, we disagreed on the approach to the project but as we started listening to each other and valuing each other’s opinions we were able to come up with a comprehensive project that was appreciated by the teacher. 

To conclude, discipline, curiosity and collaboration are not just behaviours for academic success, but also personal growth. They prepare students for real-world challenges and instil values that can remain even after school ends.  

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