Understanding Student Visa Requirements with the Duolingo English Test

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Securing a student visa hinges on demonstrating proficiency in English, a crucial requirement for international students aspiring to study abroad. Among the various tests available, the Duolingo English Test (DET) has emerged as a noteworthy option, offering convenience and accessibility. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the significance of the DET in fulfilling student visa prerequisites, along with the specific criteria and acceptance standards across different English-speaking countries. It also covers the minimum DET scores required for student visa applications. 


Is the Duolingo English Test Accepted for Study Visas?

Yes, the Duolingo English Test is accepted for study visas in several countries. The DET is recognized for student visa applications in the US and Ireland, and under specific conditions in the UK and Canada. This acceptance varies based on the application method and the requirements of the respective immigration authorities.

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Student Visa Application Criteria

To secure your student visa, you’ll need to meet specific eligibility criteria set by the destination country. These criteria typically focus on proving your genuine intention as a student, your financial stability, and your acceptance into a recognized educational program. Understanding these requirements will ensure a smooth application process and pave the way for your international academic adventure.

  • To be eligible for a traditional study permit, you need to secure admission into a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). This is essential for obtaining a study permit. 
  • Many institutions in the US, UK, and Ireland accept the Duolingo English Test for study visa applications. If the institution you are applying to recognizes the Duolingo English Test as part of their application process, you won’t need additional English assessments.
  • In countries like Canada and Australia, while the Duolingo English Test is accepted, there may be specific rules students must follow during the application process, and need to check with their contact the institution to which they are applying, or a licensed immigration consultant.

Minimum DET Scores Required for the Top 5 English-speaking Countries

Over here, we have mentioned average DET scores accepted by the Top 5 English-speaking Countries. 

  • USA: The Duolingo English Test is recognised for student visa applications in the USA, with specific score requirements across universities. Typically, US universities have an average DET score requirement ranging from 100 to 150, with top-tier universities often seeking scores above 120
  • UK: The UK accepts the Duolingo English Test for student visa applications, subject to meeting government-mandated requirements. Generally, a minimum DET score of 105 is necessary.
  • Canada: While the Duolingo English Test is permissible for visa applications if a student gains admission to a university, it is not accepted under the Student Direct Stream (SDS) procedure. Therefore, students opting for the DET must follow the standard student visa pathway.
  • Ireland: The Duolingo English Test is accepted for Irish study visas, with specific score requirements set as a standard. For secondary and preparatory English courses, a minimum score of 55 is mandated, while all other courses require a minimum score of 75.
  • Australia: Prospective students can use the Duolingo English Test for visa applications upon acceptance to a university in Australia. However, additional language proficiency tests may be required by the Australian government based on the requirements of the university.

Please note: For each college, the score requirement might vary, so it’s important to crosscheck the score requirements with the institution to which one is looking to apply. 

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Universities Accepting the Duolingo English Test

The Duolingo English Test has gained widespread recognition as a trusted measure of English proficiency. It is accepted by various prestigious institutions like the University of Toronto & University of British Columbia in Canada, Ivy League universities like Harvard University, Yale University, and 98 of the top 100 schools in the United States, King’s College London in the United Kingdom and numerous others.


Q1. Can you get a visa with the Duolingo English Test?

Ans: Yes, you can obtain a student visa with the DET, depending on the country and institution’s acceptance policies.

Q2. Which country accepts Duolingo  English Test for a student visa?

Ans: Many institutions in the US, UK, and Ireland accept the Duolingo English Test for study visa applications. If your chosen institution recognizes the test, no additional English assessments are needed. In Canada and Australia, while the test is accepted, students must follow specific guidelines during the application process and should contact the institution they are applying to.

Q3. Is Duolingo accepted for visa application in Canada?

Ans: In Canada, the Duolingo English Test is conditionally accepted for visa applications. The Duolingo English Test is recognized based on the application method. If the institution accepts the Duolingo English Test, other English tests may not be necessary for a study permit. For students from certain countries, the Student Direct Stream (SDS) process is available, but it only accepts IELTS, not the Duolingo English Test. For more information on study permits and immigration, students should contact their institution or a licensed immigration consultant.

The Duolingo English Test offers a flexible, affordable, and widely recognized option for demonstrating English proficiency in the student visa application process. By understanding the specific requirements and acceptance criteria of the DET in different countries, prospective students can better navigate their path to studying abroad. Always verify the latest requirements with the institution and immigration authorities to ensure a smooth application process.

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