Duolingo Exam Fees in India: Registration, Cancellation, Rescheduling Fee for Indian Students 

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Duolingo Exam Fees in India

Students who wish to take the Duolingo Exam in India are required to pay an amount of INR 4,852 (approx). The Duolingo English Test is one of the most widely accepted, convenient and affordable English proficiency tests in the world. Due to such reasons, the test has garnered a fair share of popularity among Indian students. As the test is conducted online, you can take the exam from anywhere you wish. Read the article to learn more about the Duolingo Exam Fees in India. 


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What is the Duolingo Exam Fee for Indian Students? 

The Duolingo English Test fee in India is INR 4,852. When compared to the IELTS and PTE prices, which are approximately INR 16,250 (approximately) and INR 15,900 (approximately), respectively, the Duolingo Exam fees are significantly lower. This is one of the reasons why many Indian students prefer to take the Duolingo Exam.

The test is not only affordable, but it is also considerably easier to administer due to the mode of the exam, which is online. All you’ll need to take the test is a stable internet connection and a laptop with a webcam. 

Duolingo Test Cancellation Fee in India

Students are not required to pay any amount to cancel their Duolingo Test. However, the exam fees would not be refunded to students who have cancelled their tests.  

Duolingo Test Rescheduling Fee in India 

Students in India can reschedule their Duolingo Test for free of cost. No refund is provided to students who’ve rescheduled or cancelled their exams.  

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Duolingo English Test Faster Result Fee in India 

Duolingo Test results are available within 12 hours of taking the test. This is feasible if you purchase the DET Faster Test for INR 3,286 in addition to the normal exam fees (INR 4,852). As a result, the overall fee for Indian students who want their results within a day is  INR 8,138. 

Duolingo English Test Registration Process in India 

As stated before, you can take the Duolingo English Test from anywhere you want as the test is conducted online. Aspirants from India can register for their Duolingo English Test by following the outlined steps: 

  1. You must first visit the official website of the Duolingo English Test, i.e.,https://www.duolingo.com/. After doing so, select the ‘Take the test’ option to register yourself for the exam. 
  2. You’ll then need to download the Duolingo App on your computer to take the exam. 
  3. It is important that you submit all the necessary documents, such as a government-verified ID, to ensure a successful registration process. 
  4. Once the submission process is complete, you’ll be required to create your Duolingo account and pay the exam fee, i.e., INR 4,852. 
  5. After the registration, you can either take the test immediately or schedule it for a later time. 


1. How much is the Duolingo exam fee in India 2023?

A single Duolingo test costs roughly INR 4,852 (Approx). If you wish to buy the Duolingo Test Bundle, which allows you to take two tests, you will need to spend INR 8,145. 

2. What is the Duolingo Access Programme? 

Students who meet specific eligibility requirements will be eligible for fee waivers under this initiative. Some of the prerequisites include enrollment in a degree-seeking programme and financial need. 

3. Is the Duolingo English Test free in India?

Although the Duolingo English Test exam fees are more cost-effective than those of other English proficiency examinations, it is not free in India. To take the exam, you will still need to pay INR 4,852. 

The Duolingo Exam is quite popular among Indian students. This is because the test is far more convenient and inexpensive than other English proficiency tests. Indian students who want to take the exam must pay INR 4,852. 

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